What happened in London?

London broke out again in London

On Saturday (7th), hundreds of “Anti-European” organizations and people marched in various landmark buildings in London. Among them, Downing Street, where the Prime Minister’s official residence is located, became one of the main battlefields of the protest. The people gathered on Downing Street. In the hand, there are slogans such as “welcome immigrants” and “opposition (Johnson) coup.”
However, in the process of gathering, the “League” organized by the “Democratic Youth Football League” (DFLA) supported the parade. The “Democratic Youth Football League” is an organization formed in 2017. According to The Times, the organization has extensive contacts with the extreme right-wing movement. The Premier League has warned the club that “the organization is using fans and stadiums to promote the anti-Muslim agenda.” .
According to “Russia Today”, the “Democratic Youth Football League” approached the parade and yelled at them. Then they threw a can to the crowd supporting the “Brexit”, which officially opened the conflict between the two sides. And attracted the intervention of the police.
The Huffington Post reported that in order to prevent conflicts between the two sides, the police deployed a large number of police forces on the scene to form a wall of people, separating the two groups of people. After the official start of the parade, the police also sent a large number of personnel to surround the parade, and from time to time confronted the anti-parade.


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