Zhang Zetian Abandoned Entrance Qualification

On September 6, Zhang Zetian took pictures of the University of Political Science in Paris and wrote: “I got an offer, but I didn’t go to the school in the end… It’s still my favorite school, and I’m sure to learn when I have the chance.” He renounced his admission to the University of Political Science in Paris.
In the middle of last month, some netizens reported that they had seen Zhang Zetian’s student ID card at Cambridge University and suspected that Zhang Zetian went to Cambridge University for further study. Later, Zhang Zetian, a sister of Dairy Tea, paid close attention to three Cambridge University accounts, Cambridge_mba and kings. college.
In addition, some netizens said recently that they met Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian in Switzerland, and that they had a good feeling of laughing and talking. It seems that the Zhang Zetian family of Liu Qiangdong is traveling around Europe.


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