Rongwei RX5 MAX is listed at a surprise price of $1068-1778,000

On the evening of August 28, Rongwei RX5 MAX, a brand-new SUV model of SAIC, was officially launched in Wuzhen, an important Internet town in China. On this occasion, SAIC and Alibaba Group, the earliest partners to enter the field of intelligent travel, signed the Framework Agreement on Further Deepening Strategic Cooperation between SAIC and Alibaba, announcing that SAIC and Alibaba will face the 5G era and jointly help realize the transformation of the intelligent network of the entire automotive industry.
The new car is positioned between the Rongwei RX5 and RX8, providing 1.5T and 2.0T power. According to the configuration differences, nine models are introduced, with the price range of 1188-1898 million yuan. Detailed prices are shown in the table below.
Rongwei RX5 MAX Official Guidance Price
Price of car models (10,000 yuan)
300TGI Manual 4G Interconnection Elite Version 11.88
300TGI Manual 4G Interconnection Deluxe Version 12.88
300TGI Automatic 4G Interconnection Deluxe Edition 13.88
300TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Deluxe Edition 14.88
300TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Flagship Edition 15.88
400TGI Automatic 4G Interconnection Deluxe Version 14.98
400TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Deluxe Edition 15.98
400TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Flagship Edition 16.98
400TGI Automatic Intelligent Cockpit Supreme Edition 18.98
Tabulation: Phoenix Net Automobile
Now you can enjoy a hard core cash gift of 12,000 yuan, hard core surprise price of 10.68-177,800 yuan. At the same time, SAIC Rongwei also sent out hard core benefits: lifelong free basic flow hard core flow gift; down payment of 13,000 yuan, 24 issues of zero interest rate hard core financial gift. The 6325 subscribers ordered during the pre-sale period can enjoy the benefits of free upgrade of BOSE immersion stereo, which is worth 20,000 yuan.
On the spot, Yang Xiaodong, Vice President of SAIC Group and General Manager of Passenger Vehicle Branch, also released Rongwei RX5 MAX plug-in hybrid model, and launched a global pre-sale, with a pre-sale price of 21-240,000 yuan, which will be launched and delivered in the middle and late October.
The size of the new car is bigger than RX5, but the name RX6 or RX7 is not a continuation of the genealogical naming habit, because this “MAX” has a lot of content, besides having a big meaning, it is also the abbreviation of “Make Attitude Xtreme”, meaning “excellent quality, born to the extreme”. There is no doubt that the introduction of RX5 MAX should not only inherit the essence of RX5 Internet SUV, but also give new cars more people’s emotional appeal for “things”.
In terms of appearance, Rongwei RX5 MAX first introduced “toughness” aesthetics on the basis of Rongwei’s classical rhythm design. Together with “stretching, rhythm and washing”, Rongwei RX5 MAX formed a brand-new interpretation of family design language. The whole car design achieved a good balance between city sense and professional sense. Star-Sea battleship headlights with Star-Sea Flash LED interactive taillights have a strong sense of technology and recognition.
The length, width and height of Rongwei RX5 MAX are 4647 *1891 *1725 mm and the wheelbase is 2760 mm respectively. Compared with RX5, the data are improved comprehensively, reaching the level of intermediate SUV.
Coming into the car, Rongwei RX5 MAX wing-expanding dashboard is flexible and stretching, 12.3 inch digital full virtual instrument and 14.3 inch 2.5D quadruplex screen, cooperating with the new Internet vehicle intelligence system 3.0, to achieve the perfect integration of rhythmic aesthetics and digital technology. The air-handling electronic gearshift adopts horizontal design, which makes it comfortable and easy to operate, and shows high-end texture. In addition, BOSE immersion stereo system with 256 color interactive atmosphere lamp, more users to create an i-MAX theater-level audio-visual enjoyment.


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