Go fishing

After the holidays, I was bored with my homework. When I saw the outdoor camping program on TV, I suddenly thought that there was a small pond behind my house. Every time I passed by, there would be countless little fish swimming around, causing a series of ripples. A carp of mine stood up and ran to several friends’houses to make an appointment to go fishing.
After about a few small partners, we separated to find fishing tools. Amin and I took a hoe to dig earthworms. We chose a very wet mud field and dug a deep pit. We were exhausted, panting and sweating, but still did not see half of the earthworms. We were both somewhat discouraged. My uncle came out to me and saw us with a dejected look. He laughed and asked, “What’s wrong with you? You’re listless.” I told my uncle about the fact that we couldn’t dig out earthworms. My uncle laughed at the red insect in the mud and said, “This is the bait!” Fishing does not necessarily require silly earthworm children.
A veteran fisherman of my uncle told us that this kind of insect is called red blood worm, which is more suitable for fishing than earthworms. We dug up a lot of red blood worms, stood on the shore and watched the little fish jumping around in the pond, waiting for the arrival of other fishing tools.
After a long time, I finally saw the shadow of other people! Wang Chuan came running with a slender bamboo pole. That bamboo pole is as tall as three Wang Chuan! Xiao Li also came back with two discolored fish floating and panting like an ox. “This is a fish floating that my father doesn’t use. Should I be able to use it for a long time?” I patted Xiaoli on the shoulder and did a good job!
After a while, I heard the voice of Brother’s desk. Brother’s desk is the tallest eldest brother among us. He pulled out a box of brand-new rainlines from his pocket and a box of fishhooks from his arms like magic. Several of our worshippers looked at him and he laughed and said, “My father gave me a reward, so I bought two new boxes. Have you all found the tools yet?” I nodded, took a side rod and began to tie the line. The surface of the bamboo pole is very smooth. Just after the fishing line is tied, the fishing line will slide down spontaneously before it starts to tie anything else. I tried and tried the fishing line, but I just couldn’t wait to crush the bamboo pole. Each of us could not make the fishing line tied to the bamboo pole steadily. Best wishes, my uncle appeared again. He took the bamboo pole frown and rubbed it with his finger. He looked around and picked up a sharp stone and emptied it. Pick up the fishing line and go through it and tie it to the bamboo pole.
We cheered and my uncle booed, telling us to fish quietly. After that, he turned and went back to his fishing seat to hide his merits and fame.
Let’s start the next step and fix the fish on the line. It’s still very simple. Just float the fish through the line. The next step is to wrap the hook around the line. Uh huh! It’s still simple. Such a simple fishing rod is ready. We hang the red blood worm on the hook and shake our arms to let the line drop into the middle of the pond with the parabola theorem.
We sat on the floor, my eyes fixed on the floating fish surrounded by water. We were drowsy in the sunshine. Suddenly Xiaoli flapped my shoulder and shouted excitedly, “Go up! It’s hooked!” I immediately came to the spirit, and sure enough, I saw the fish floating up and down in the middle of the pond. I tried to mention that it was very heavy. I secretly delighted: this is still a big fish, mention it!
Catch a bundle of straw…
We’re all covered up. What’s this? Why is this thing in the middle of the pond?
Amin suddenly shouted, “Ah! Fish hook! “The hook is gone.” I raised the line, and the hook was still there, but the hook was gone, and there was only a short silver stick left. Brother Tai kicked away the straw a little unhappy and took out another hook: “Fish for me! I don’t believe it!” I had to tie one more and throw the hook again. I chose to throw it near, this time it should be OK!
Once again, we focused on the fish drifting. This time, the fish drifting was swinging up and down very quickly. I looked at the time and lifted it easily! _ A black object appeared in front of us – shoes.
Once again, we were confused. Brother Tai checked the hook for the first time. Sure enough, the hook was sacrificed again. Brother Tai was unable to bend down and sit on the ground like despair, and we fell into silence.
Our savior, uncle! Again! As if I had seen the light of hope, my uncle patted me on the head and handed me a sponge board full of fishhooks with a smile. At that moment, I thought my uncle was really an angel! Although it is a very short and dark angel. My uncle tied a fishhook to show us that there were two ponds. In the middle of the pond was a small highland, which was flooded by rain and flooding. There was a lot of weed and garbage, and we had to throw the hook to about ten meters on both sides of the pond. Then my uncle gave me the fishing rod and again made a small gesture.
We are sure to win this time. With the advice of a good fisherman, we can catch fish. We held our breath and stared at the fish floating, finally! The fish drifted again, and I shouted! Finally, I caught a small crucian carp as wide as two palms! Several of us cheered and were so excited that we wanted to run a few laps. Soon we got into trouble again.
How do the fish get off the hook? Do you pull it directly? Xiaoli immediately stopped me: “You’ll kill it like this!” I closed one eye and looked at the fish’s mouth with one eye. I found that one of the hooks caught its cheek. I cautiously took off the hook along the curve of the hook, and immediately took the bucket with water. The fish returned to the water and began to swim happily.
My uncle came over and looked at the bucket and touched my head. “Well, keep refueling!”
“Ah! Today, I can’t catch one. My father came down and looked at my uncle’s fishing pail. My uncle laughed and shrugged and said, “I said to be quiet, shush!” We laughed embarrassingly.
That rod is still there, as for the fish… It tastes good!

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