My grandmother

I remember the last time I went to see my grandmother was four times apart. Five years ago, sometimes I’m afraid I’ll never see her outside for a while. This New Year’s special visit to her, did not expect a few years did not see her grandmother or the same as before, compared to the 80-year-old really feel very good, and she has to work every day, many of the family do not need to walk long-distance work is done by her grandmother. In my uncle’s words, those are easy jobs. Don’t you know that so many corn husks in my family are peeled and hung by my grandmother, and these jobs make middle-aged people suffer from backache. Alas——
Grandma said she didn’t know all of us when she saw us. Then we introduced our names one by one. She said that the changes were so big that she could not recognize them. Only my grandmother said that the changes were not so big and she could recognize them. I guess I haven’t changed much in recent years, but I’m getting older.
Talking about Grandma’s story: Grandma gave birth to five daughters and two sons. In those days, only sons went to school. Two uncles went to high school and ended up in high school. But I don’t know why. Nobody who could go to high school in that era should do anything important now. But my two uncles were working in agriculture. My parents said that they didn’t know how to give gifts to others at that time, and finally things were delayed. Then the youngest of them was my aunt, who had never been to school until the fifth grade. My mother also taught her some simple Chinese characters when my uncle was in school.
Later, the aunt married and gave birth to six children, and the uncle gave birth to six children – these grandchildren and grandchildren are estimated to be nearly 100, if these people come to see their grandmother, they will not be able to stand in the yard of their house. I really admire the fact that China was a huge country with a population of 1.5 billion under the slogan of “large population and great strength”.
When I was a child, my mother would ask my grandmother to come to our house to help me when she was busy with farming or something happened at home. Then I remember that every time my sister and my brother were born, my grandmother was there when my mother was going to sit on the moon. So many stories happened. Because when my mother was not at home, she shared the buns with us every time. Our sisters and brothers were one by one, and then put the rest in the basket where we could not reach the high place. For this matter, we do not like Grandma very much. Mother explained that our family was poor at that time. Grandma was afraid that we would waste food, so she could save some food. In addition, Mother was too busy to cook for us, so she could eat more cakes for several days at a time. Although these things have happened for a long time, we often mention them as jokes, and Grandma doesn’t explain anything.
Of course, besides this, Grandma did a lot of housework for every family, which was ignored by us. We often joke that Grandma stayed at every daughter’s house for a month or two and came down a year. He doesn’t have to stay with his uncle every day to be disliked by him, but Grandma just can’t stay, only stay in themselves as if they were at ease, maybe people always like that. Nobody’s going to call now.
Every time we went to my grandmother’s house, we would give her some pocket money to buy medicine or something to eat when she had a cold, but it was said that every time she gave her money, she would save up and eventually be spent by my two uncles. Although we know she doesn’t need it, we give it to her every time we go. Grandma calls it to feed her blind.
Every time I go to see my grandmother, the deepest image is that when we go back, she will stand at the door and watch us until we can never see. Every time I look at her body, I feel sad. I fear this is the last time I see my grandmother, so I can see when I take her picture and think of her.

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