Hong Kong Disneyland

In Hong Kong, Disneyland is the favorite place for children to play. On my third day in Hong Kong, I got up early because I was going to visit Disneyland today.
It’s a long way to go. Only then did our bus enter the parking lot of Disneyland. Even in the parking lot of Disneyland, you can feel the atmosphere of joy in the air. The surrounding greening is very good, the bushes are cut into Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other popular Disney cartoon images.
Against the big sun, we entered the door of Disneyland. The first thing I saw was American Town Street, surrounded by imitations of the Gold Rush buildings in the western United States, as well as antique cars and Chinese and Western cuisine. By train, we learned about Disneyland. Disneyland is composed of four theme parks: Tomorrow World, Fantasy World, Exploration World and American Town Street.
After getting off the train, we first came to Fantasy World. As soon as I came to the fantasy world, I found that there were all our favorite cartoon characters around me, and the main tone became purple, which symbolized the fantasy. The first thing we played was a fantastic adventure game called “The Adventures of Pooh Pooh”. Sitting in the honeypot that Pooh had been holding all day, we entered the scattered pages of storybooks. The first thing we saw was Pooh Pooh and his friends. Then we arrived at Mr. Owl’s house. The owl was still standing on the beams, and the pillars on both sides were swaying from side to side, as if they were about to fall down. Out of the owl’s house, we entered a hundred acres of forest in the night, probably because of the rough road, so our honeypot has been waving up and down. At this time, a tiger jumped out of the Bush and frightened us. Then jumped out of the surrounding bushes a lot of Tiggers, some hanging upside down on the tree, some from behind the tree funny waving to us, make us laugh!
Out of the happy cabin, it rained cats and dogs outside. The vivid scenes around me made me feel as if I was in the situation. We were driving along the river (probably because the road was flooded by rainwater), and the honeypot trucks were bumping up and down.
After driving the honeypot out of the 100 mu forest, we drove slowly out of the scattered pages. The fantastic adventure I had just experienced really made me feel endless aftertaste. I really want to play it again! _
Our next tour is Disney, which I personally think is the most interesting amusement facility. It’s called “Jungle Adventure”, because it’s exploring the world, so we have to rush from the fantasy world to explore the world. On the way to explore the world, we saw the famous landmark building of Disneyland, “Sleeping Princess Castle”, which is the import and export of fantasy world. It symbolizes the endless imagination of the fantasy world and the theme of the park.
On the way to explore the world, we watched the big tour of Disneyland held in Central Square. All the animated characters of Disney met with us, as if they had taken me to my childhood TV set again, and made my childlike innocence sprout again.
Little gossip, only about exploring the world, we lined up for a long time before we started our exploring journey in that kind of vintage old wooden boat. Our captain is also a standard retro captain’s uniform. The boat started and sailed slowly into the primitive jungle filled with strange atmosphere. The first thing we saw was some elephants playing in the water and hippos lying quietly in the water. The wreckage of the temple in front of the boat looks like the ruins of Angkor temple. We also came to the Indian savage tribe which can retract their heads. Fortunately, none of us had their heads cut off by these people. Our boat came next to a blackened rock. Suddenly, a flame burst out from the hole under the rock, and the hot waves poured on my face. I was very hot and felt a little pain. After that, we arrived at the dock and ended the thrilling game. Later, we played a poorer game like Spring Dog, which we just passed here, needless to say.
Instantly, Disneyland’s play came to an end. I reluctantly left Disneyland and this place full of joy and children’s fun.

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