Tour Wuyi Mountain

Every time I open the album, I will see my mom and I go to Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province as a souvenir photo. Looking at our brilliant smile, I will always bring my thoughts back to that day.
According to adults, Wuyi Mountain belongs to Danxia landform. It also has the reputation of “Qixiujia Southeast”. That day, my mother and I got off the train and followed the guide to our destination. I thought to myself: Where is the beauty of Wuyi Mountain? It’s really impatient! We just stepped into the gate, and we saw many magnificent and beautiful peaks, reflected in the clear stream, like a delicate and elegant ink painting. Looking up at the endless sky, against the backdrop of several white clouds, it looks particularly beautiful and relaxing.
We went on to reach the famous Tianyou Peak in Wuyi Mountain. I looked up and there were many people climbing the mountain, like countless black spots moving. My mother and I joined the team and walked slowly forward. When the sun was shining, we all shed beans of sweat and our clothes were soaked. Occasionally a few cool breezes passed, but they still made me feel stuffy. After a while, we succeeded in climbing the top of the mountain. Standing on the top of the mountain, a gust of cool wind came, cool silk, very comfortable. As I look far as I can, there are many peaks standing on both sides of Jiuqu River, which is particularly solemn and beautiful against the backdrop of Jiuqu River. I bowed my head and had a bird’s eye view. There were many people walking up, and the team was still moving forward. We rested at the top of the mountain for a while and then went down the winding mountain road.
Wuyi Mountain is famous not only for its scenic spots, but also for Jiuquxi. The essence of the scenery in Wuyishan is in the nine bend stream. The stream is clear and clear, and it is folded around the mountain. We sat on the bamboo raft and saw the peaks of different shapes on both sides, some like friendly three sisters, from tall to short, from thin to fat; some like a giant hamburger, making us salivate three feet, really want to bite; some like a capital letter “M”; others like a turtle climbing out of the water. The water in Jiuquxi is green, like a beautiful emerald, and the water in Jiuquxi is quiet, like a big mirror. I also saw a lot of small fish jumping around in the stream, they sometimes swim freely in the clear stream, sometimes showing the surface of the water, breathing fresh air. We enjoyed the scenery around us, and time slipped away like water.
Wuyi Mountain is famous not only for its Jiuquxi River, but also for its first day. We came to the entrance of the cave in the first line of days. The line was long and dense, like a flowing stream. The darker she went into the cave, the darker she could not reach her five fingers; the more she went into the cave, the more frightened she was, and the timid children screamed, and the people beside her were shocked by her sudden action. The narrower I went into the cave, the easier I could walk. Slowly it narrowed. I put my hands on both sides of my body and walked slowly. At the narrowest point, I had to lean over, straighten my chest, close my belly, hold my breath and move slowly between the stone walls. Hundreds of white bats were hovering over the sky, and there was clear water flowing from top to bottom on the stone wall. It took me nine cattle and two tigers to get out of the cave. I sighed and thought: Fortunately, I am not a fat man, otherwise I would have been stuck in the cave.
Ah! Wuyi Mountain, you are so beautiful! You are the masterpiece of nature! After seeing the photos, I closed the album, and the scenes are still in my mind. I want to keep these pictures well, because this one can always remind me of my good memories.

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