The teenager on the road lost himself

Teenagers, do you know that youth is infinitely good and the future is infinitely beautiful? Teenagers, please don’t lose yourself on the road of youth. —— Notes
In the sunshine, his figure is as beautiful as ever, but lacks the vigor and vitality of the past, and a little more melancholy.
“Hey, Anze, are you okay?”
“There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a lack of personal food!” He scorned a smile.
“Anze, you have changed…”
Xiaoyi, everyone will change. He turned to look into my eyes. “She abandoned her family for money, she abandoned her own flesh and blood, and she watched her husband stay in hospital for years. It’s her who made me understand the cold world! “Then Anze patted me on the shoulder and said meaningfully:” My little art should always be so simple! Ha-ha!”
Since then, I have never heard of Anze again, just know that he transferred to school. Some people say that he gave up his excellent studies and went to work. Some say that his rich relatives sent him abroad to study. Others say that he killed his mother and went to the labor reform office.
All kinds of statements, my tens of millions of worries, my Anze, God has given you too much unfairness…
In Anze, there was no melancholy or cruel language. Anze used to be as happy as us. He had a happy family and loved his parents. But an unexpected misfortune strangled the beautiful teenager. On that day, thunderstorms, the road shocked red, people can not help but see the trembling misfortune came to the young man – Anze’s father had a car accident.
The smell of disinfectant water filled the hospital. Anze’s mother left the divorce agreement and took the property and flew away. Anze looked at her mother’s back and said nothing as if nothing had happened. Since then, I can’t find Anze in the past…
I didn’t think we would meet, but I met you again a few years later, Anze. You’ve succeeded. You’re not the innocent teenager you used to be. You’re in the limelight. But you are not Anze. When I watched you humiliate your elderly grandmother in public, I knew you had changed. I watched you throw money at the poor old man, who cried and begged you to ignore. You say coldly, you have nothing to do with it. Anze, don’t your heart really have a little palpitation? After all, the old man held you in his hand. Anze, how can you be so cold?
Fortunately, my Anze, you have not forgotten me. When you see me in the crowd, you come up to me with a sunny smile, as if nothing had happened just now.
Anze, I think I’ll never forget what you said. You said, you transferred to a foreign country, you study hard just for that moment. You also said that you should kill all the people who made fun of you. Anze, do you know how cold your eyes are when you say these words? I can’t help shivering.
That day I watched your back fade away and tears fell on my cheeks. My Anze, you are no longer my Anze, you are blinded by hatred, you are lost in the rugged road of youth…
God is always so unfair, some people are happy to make people jealous, some people are sad to make people cry, but my Anze, but let people sad…

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