Years are quiet in the rain

Today, a shower of autumn rains, before we really know what is called continuous autumn rain. In the afternoon, I took an umbrella and strolled along the campus path, lingering in the lingering autumn rain. Here, under the cover of autumn rain, people have a unique sense of elegance.
It is no wonder that the autumn rain has always been the sustenance of people’s sorrow, and the endless drizzle is the endless sorrow, just like this ball log and continuous. In the rain, how many people can’t stop worrying. So, how many “tears in front of the pillow startled the green parrot”; how many “never say a word until you leave”; and how many “only when it rains at night and falls in autumn can you return to the sorrow of parting”… __. Now, how many people can know? Mr. Dai Wangshu’s “Rain Lane” is also in the light rain, standing in the lane, raindrops, paper umbrella Yiyi, love Fang also spread like this. I think of some pearl witty words in the flowing years. With the steps of the people who listen to the rain in ancient and modern times, our side really walks into the rain, gently stretching out our hands, raindrops fall on our hands, cold silk, little by little retreat from the dust of the past.
Fang also remembered himself as a child. When it rained, he put up an umbrella and made some friends. We jumped into the rain in sandals and there were many beautiful splashes on the ground. Turn the umbrella up again and play with the goddess scattering flowers. Which naughty man, shake his tree under the tree while I am there.
I suddenly harvested an unexpected surprise, my world under a unique light rain, for a time, “big pearls and small pearls fall on the jade plate”, small umbrella business came up with a most beautiful voice. After playing, I can see that I’m going to be a drowned chicken, but even my parents are still very excited and confined at home, but I still imagine the next trip in the rain. Only know that “the small building heard all the spring, summer, autumn and winter rain last night”, but never found the beauty of its artistic conception. Rain is still under tireless, I along its own growth path to explore, shuttle the rainy season, to the flowering season.
Maybe you have a unique feeling in the flowering season. I became fond of walking in the misty drizzle, watching the drizzle drifting in the dust, like a dream. I like to see umbrellas in the rain, crystal drops and blossoms. I don’t like umbrellas. I just want to walk alone in the rain and listen to nature.
Fantastic, dream will always see a beautiful figure, bent in front of the flowers, touched the raindrops on the petals, stood up to play an orchid umbrella, heard a heavy rain, look back at the rain hit several pieces of red returns with a smile. Gently, the blue dream drifted through my mind. Look at the flowers on a few residual petals are still strong in the rain. How can there be more raindrops on the petals? Is it the rain mark or Xiaoxiang’s tear mark? It’s customary for the light rain to caress your face and reach out to touch the ice of the rain, but it’s still so impressive. It’s a graceful poem floating in the rain, reminiscent of the past years, innocent smile and sad eyes.
In the rain, just put everything behind your head, let your mood somewhat relaxed and comfortable, to see the flowers blooming and falling in front of the courtyard as before, clouds outside the sky as before. Let the rain wash away the impurities of the soul and let the heart accept a thorough baptism. The sound of rain on the leaves and the falling of flowers are all the light singing of nature. Listening to the rain, I am intoxicated, walking and singing “Rainy Day”, “Rainy Day, I close my eyes in front of the window”. Suddenly, as if the shaking into a fluttering white flower, year after year, in the years of mist and rain flowing safely blooming.
Opening my eyes, I saw a Persian chrysanthemum in the rain. Always happy ~Smile. Looking up at the sky, I could not see the flowers blooming at that time. Only the drizzle was still dripping. At that time, the flowers blossom, the smiles in the rain, the soul…

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