Sweet Blue Wing Dream

Nobody knows what will happen next. People of all kinds have different mindsets. Whether it’s a good play or a bad one will naturally be known.
The mysterious teenager in the crowd looked at the wonderful situation with his big eyes. He knew the ending naturally. However, he wanted to see the happy faces of the people. He also wanted to see the result that the so-called honesty in the world had been deteriorated.
Lulu doesn’t seem nervous at all. In fact, what should she be nervous about? She knows in her heart what she does, she doesn’t do it or not, but she seems a little nervous. Just don’t think of that as a guilty thief, it’s only the first time that it’s so “fair and aboveboard”.
Who knows that she slowly took out his wallet, and Lulu thought she had taken a look at it. When she looked at it again, it was really not her own thing, and her heart was cold. When the guest saw it, she said, “Look, see, and say no!” Lulu fell deeply into her head, doubting whether she had really made a mistake, but she had no complaint at this time. After all, reality was the biggest enemy. With a wrinkled eyebrow, Lulu thought that the boss was going to scold her and she was even more sad when she tried to say something but swallowed it in one breath.
The crowds began to chirp, like sparrows that could not be scattered. There are some who rejoice in misfortune and some who are incredible. Unfortunately, they are just a group of audiences. When they finish reading, they will scold those who want to scold. If they are unwilling, they will not be reconciled. But after all, it was over. Someone even shouted, “What a black shop! It’s never coming again.” People’s hearts are terrible, although some people think it is impossible, but the reality is always confusing ah!
The guest did not say anything. Maybe he was kind after all. Just say two sentences, “little girl!” and shake his head, then go away, uncle with a good mind is not the same. Find it, don’t lose your temper! Who didn’t make a mistake?
Lulu’s heart was cold. How could she do such a thing? It was impossible, but it happened. It made people collapse all of a sudden! There was nothing to scold her. She hardly ever said anything about her. Sitting beside Lulu, she just consoled, as if she knew it was forgivable. Yeah, maybe she knows it’s not about her.
“Lulu, it’s all right. Actually, it’s nothing! At most, it’s my loss. Don’t be sad. I know it’s not your fault. In fact, you want to pull, the cold shop is also very good, save so busy, very tired! “The absolute pleasure said, as if this is really a great good thing. But Lulu just felt that the landlady had forgiven her mistakes. What would other people think? Well, she sighed deeply in her heart.
“I’m sorry, Sister Juren,” Lulu decided to say, after all, no matter who is right or who is wrong, she thought she was responsible. She patted her on the back and said intimately, “Fool, don’t blame you. I know you’re very wronged, everything will pass, don’t blame yourself any more, the big deal is that no one else will believe you anymore, but I will stand up for you, I will always believe you! “Juren vowed to say, she looked at the poor fool in front of her, and her heart can’t help but hurt a little! My sister comforted herself so warmly and warmly. Suddenly she said, “Sister Juren, you will always be my sister. Thank you for believing me, and I will… I’ll always believe you, too! “Lulu said with a reluctant laugh.
She looked at her with a great smile.

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