Daughter, thank you

During this time, insomnia increased, the waist disease aggravated, and the vertigo was bursting for a while, and the numbness of the legs was like the feeling of ice. Going home from the unit every night, it was like a loose frame, just wanting to fall to the bed.

On Friday, home is already more than 7:00. Open the door and sit on the stool tiredly and gasp.

“Mom.” The voice of her daughter came from the study.

From 6 o’clock in the morning to the present, I have not seen my daughter in one day. Thinking that she had something, she promised to barely walk to the study.

Under bright light, her daughter is writing homework. It is also difficult for children, mom and dad are busy with work, have no time to take care of her, eat at the school cafeteria around 12:30, until now our family’s dinner has not been done yet, she has an empty stomach but writes homework in the room .

Looking at her with a loving look, I waited quietly for her to talk.

“Mom, close your eyes!” The daughter opened her face in a mysterious way. “I want to surprise you.”

I am ashamed to do what she told me. Laughing at her actions, isn’t it an exam and has achieved excellent results?

“Good! Open it.”

I opened my eyes when I heard her order.

“Mom, give it to you!” The daughter squinted happily, holding a homemade white envelope in her hands and handing it to my eyes.

Not a test paper? I took it in doubt. A beautiful cartoon doll was painted on the white envelope. The big eyes looked at me affectionately and seemed to be greeting me. Not only smile, but also the strength of the daughter.

Open the envelope with ease, a beautiful homemade greeting card appeared: two symmetrical beautiful leaves in the middle, the cool art word “Mom Happy Birthday” looks so eye-catching. A heartbeat and a big mouth, is today my birthday?

Looking at my face, I was surprised. My daughter asked her head and said, “Today is October 7th, forget it? Mom, I wish you a happy birthday!”

For a while, I felt like I stopped breathing. Slowly wake up from reality. During this time, I was so groggy that I was busy with my work every day and suffered from physical torture. Moreover, I am used to the birthday of the lunar calendar and the days are calculated according to the solar calendar. So I have already forgotten my birthday to Java, even if he doesn’t remember him; it is rare for her daughter to remember her mother’s birthday. 2010, this year is my birth year.

The exquisite greeting card is held in my hand, and my heart is filled with emotion. Under the “Mother’s Happy Birthday”, it is inlaid with “Who is arrogant, and reported to Sanchunhui”, in which the words “Sanchunhui” are covered by pink, red and yellow lines, and it seems that the radiance of the sky is falling. Contains the meaning of maternal love warm and priceless. It can be seen how serious and how careful the daughter is when making a greeting card!

I really want to say: “Daughter, thank you!” Or, grab her, kiss her face, and caress her little hand. But when I reached the mouth, I swallowed it back, and the hand that stretched out solidified in the air. I have always been accustomed to my daughter’s enthusiasm, especially in the past few years, I can’t even say that I can’t do such intimate and intimate actions.

Turning his face back, his tears blurred his eyes. Not purely for this greeting card, I have sent it before my birthday daughter. However, at this moment in this dark mood, the daughter’s blessings seem like a spring breeze blowing away the depression of my heart. Maybe, even if there is nothing, there are at least daughters.

I left the study, under the light, my daughter started to work hard, and a bunch of homework was waiting for her. After I entered junior high school, I couldn’t finish my homework every day. She didn’t sleep until 10:30 every night. feel. However, her daughter never complained, and she did not let her parents worry about her studies. The first monthly exam was ranked fifth among more than 1,000 students in her grade, but she was still not satisfied and continued to strive for the best. What a child!

Daughter, when you grow up, you know that your mother is very considerate. Although, my mother did not praise you face to face, but, do you know? In Mom’s heart: You are always the best! Daughter, by this article, my mother wants to say to you: daughter, thank you!

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