My female friend

The laughter that went away reminded me of those flowers, quietly driving in my life…


To talk about the girls who have the impression, I have to start from my kindergarten.

That is the story of my big class in kindergarten. In the class, there is a girl who looks very cute. Everyone likes to play with her, especially me. Every time the teacher sends a biscuit, I will give her the meal, even for lunch. At that time, she gave me all the potatoes I didn’t like, and changed the savory meat in my bowl, but I was willing and joke that she was a greedy ghost. At that time, my biggest wish to go to kindergarten every day was to play with her, and then she looked at her while she was grinning and eating biscuits. Later, I realized that she was called Han Han, but I didn’t know her full name, just listened to the teachers who always called her. After leaving kindergarten, I can’t remember her appearance, just remember some things to play with, and her name.

Then I went to elementary school. But the classmates in the new class don’t look very friendly. Except for her, she is called Nini. She looks like a flower fairy. She pulls my hand and plays at the playground. So, after that, I am every day. I hope to meet Nini when I go to school, and I will feel very happy as soon as I see her.

But by the fourth grade, she suddenly changed.

“Let’s go play together.”

“Don’t go! I won’t play with you in the future.”


“Because I am a girl and you are a boy, don’t play together again in the future.”

Not only me and her, the whole class of girls no longer talk to boys, play games, the table is unified with a “38 line”, most boys feel nothing, a casual look, but there are also a small number of people I can’t help but wonder why every time a girl tells a male student, the reason is “teacher, he always exceeds the ’38 line'”?

The fate is magical. When I was in the second half of the fifth grade, I changed to a table. She was called Shin Shin, a girl who was as ordinary as her name. Time is magical, and we have a wonderful tacit understanding soon. When I sit with her every day, it seems that there will be countless laughs, and she also feels happy when she is with me, so we promise to always sit at the same table.

Heaven is always not from people.

We were separated by the teacher soon. The reason is that my eyesight is good, I have to change seats for students with poor eyesight. At the moment I changed my seat, I could feel that I was getting slower and slower. That was the first time I had a hard time with a girl.

In the days that followed, I vented all my anger at the new morning table. When I was writing homework, I almost occupied two tables, gave him a small position, and often said that many ugly words bullied and humiliated her. And she never had a counterattack, just silently lying on the table, sometimes tears…

The memories of Xinxin have been blurred. I only remember that I was running on the playground in the winter. I didn’t bring gloves on that day. Xinxin passed her gloves to me, and then moved across the lips of the team. It seemed to say: “I am not afraid of cold. You wear it.”

On the second day of the second day, I once chatted with my classmates. Occasionally, a primary school student said to me: “You were really mixed with the morning, but she always treated you very well…”

Unfortunately, I don’t have any news about her, nor her contact information. Some of them are just the memories and embarrassment when I was at the same table with her.

Those lovely faces are no longer clear, but I am grateful to everyone who is close to me in my growing years and become a warm and sunny childhood.

Han Han, Nini, Xin Xin, morning, are you still okay?

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