Remember to line up once

A complicated day has begun, and although we are facing a great crisis – standing in the crowds of people and people into the Expo, I am very excited and excited. However, I found that in the process of waiting, it is not monotonous, but as fascinating, colorful, colorful as watching cartoons…

The first act: steady as the old lady Taishan

Despite the drizzle, we are still sweating. Suddenly, a scene of fun was caught in my eyes – a gray-haired old lady took the stool without hesitation, and sat on the stool without hesitation, then closed her eyes with gusto, both hands Close together, put on the chest, and kept muttering something in my mouth, it’s almost endless, I don’t know the situation ahead: the team is moving forward quickly, and the “outdated” old lady is still thinking about her. The warrior does not move. When the people in front had moved five or six meters, she was still as stable as the mountains, and the people behind were embarrassed to bother her. Finally, a young man took the courage to step forward and gently patted the old lady’s shoulder and said softly: “Auntie, gone! You have already fallen a lot!” Remind, the old lady Only after returning to God, I reluctantly moved the stool like a snail, and then I remembered the endless experience! ……

Act II: Slowly swallowing the rain

The cry of God is getting bigger and bigger, as if I have encountered any troubles, endless.

The people who had prepared the umbrellas hurriedly opened up the straw to save lives, and fortunately for their choices; and those who did not bring umbrellas, oh, don’t mention them, they have already been drowned as “falling soup”, and they are embarrassed. On the clothes, on the clothes, and on the hands are all dripping. Fortunately, every few steps there will be a large umbrella that can be used to cover the rain. Those smart people hurriedly stood under the umbrella and wanted to use them to temporarily resist the wind and rain…

I also secretly rejoice in my heart: Thanks to our umbrella, otherwise, the consequences are really unimaginable, terrible!

Those who are hiding under the umbrella are all frowning, worrying that they will be drenched into “falling soup” by the rain. They are all grinded and want to spend more time under the umbrella. Therefore, when the people in the present have already gone through the old long road, they still do not see it, they still hide under the umbrella, and some still have leisurely songs in their mouths. However, these people only ran forward a few steps in the eyes of our blame, hiding under another umbrella to shelter from the rain.

Suddenly heard a noise from there, I turned my head and looked at it: It turned out that an uncle quickly flew to the big umbrella in front of the team to avoid the rain because he did not bring an umbrella. But people thought he was intentional, bomb The lead is thus ignited. Several aunts shouted loudly: “How do you just jump in the queue!” “I don’t have an umbrella! Do you have any sympathy!” “Do you have a public morality!” “Then I can’t avoid the rain?” “Really!”… They have been quarreling in this way, the tone is heavier than one, and the expression is more ugly than an ugly one, which has attracted a lot of crowds.

Act III: Carefree children

It’s boring, time is like a white-haired grandfather, moving slowly in the footsteps.

Hey, the few children who are on the railing are still free and carefree. They talk and laugh, look around, and have no waiting troubles. Some daring people simply sit on the railing and look to the distant sea.

I saw one of the little boys standing on the fence next to me and looking into the distance: I put my hand on my forehead and looked at it like Sun Wukong. Then I put out my finger and carefully counted: “One bend, two bends Child, three bends… Mom, there are five bends to get to the head!” Every time we make a bend, he will yell: “Wow!” The excitement is really unparalleled. !

Seeing this wonderful scene, I easily picked up the song and smiled on my face. I also learned how they climbed up the railing and looked at it. Yeah! It’s coming soon! Great! We can enter the park right away! Dear Hyperther, I am coming!

Closing ceremony:

It took a lot of hard work to see the Expo, but this wait is also worthwhile. For that lovely Haibao, rush!

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