Egg protection action

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. In the morning class, the teacher suddenly announced an important news to us: to hold a large egg protection activity, all the classmates have to join, and everyone will take a raw egg from home in the afternoon, no matter where they are. Take it with you, don’t break it, and by the end of next Monday’s event, the egg will be rated as “the egg ambassador” when it is intact. We all shouted loudly when we heard this interesting event.

When I got home in the morning, we all picked up their eggs. As a baby, take the eggs to school in the afternoon and carefully care for them, just like protecting their children. We looked at this cute egg child and laughed happily. Some students also put the egg on the pattern, painted the human eye, nose, mouth and ears, and the egg became a living face, which looks more beautiful than ordinary eggs. I wrapped the egg in a towel, put it in a plastic bag, and put it in the bucket. Some of the classmates put them in the iron cans, and some of them put them in their clothes. This is good, each one of the eggs has become a fully armed “weird egg”. After class, almost no one is willing to go to the toilet, quietly staying in the classroom, watching their “children.”

When the next day came at noon, there was a sudden “ah” in the classroom, and then a shout came. I went in and saw that the “baby” of Yang Lan was broken. Several of us laughed and we all smiled. After a while, the whole class came together and the teacher came. At this time, Li Xiang shouted and his egg broke. The whole class whispered. Finally, this day passed in our fears and screams.

When the third day arrived, I was exhausted. Because it was Saturday, I didn’t go to school, I couldn’t find a safe place everywhere. Put it on the coffee table? No, it was knocked out when drinking water. Put it on the table, no, the table slides, it may slip to the ground and break. Because I have to write homework, I am afraid to put the egg in the jar. As soon as there was a rush of wind, I quickly took my “Little Prince” in my hand. After feeling that it was not dangerous, put the egg back into the jar. After putting it back, my heart was like a little rabbit, jumping. It took a long time to finish the homework. In the evening, I was afraid that the tank was not safe. I quickly put the baby on the sofa and read it while holding it at hand. But I am still very scared, for fear of accidents falling on the ground, or Dad came back to throw me eggs, or come to a monster to take the eggs away. I kept staring at it until half past ten. If it weren’t for my mother’s stop, I’m afraid I’ll see that I will sleep tomorrow morning. However, in the middle of the night, I was still awake, and I couldn’t sleep for a long time. It was really scared in my mouth, and I was afraid of it in my hand.

I arrived in the class on Monday. I asked about it. There are already several students whose eggs have been broken. My heart is secretly happy, because several competitors have disappeared. I thought I could end this game in the morning, but I was wrong, because the teacher suddenly said that this action will end in the afternoon, my heart suddenly cooled a half, because the egg child has already tortured me to death. I finally understood how hard it was when I was a mother. In the morning, several students broke the egg again. I also have a bit of sorrow, but I think I should be responsible for my own eggs, I can’t break it, or I will give up all my efforts, and I will be laughed at by my classmates. I must stick to it. In the third class, the English teacher was very excited about the egg and seemed to congratulate us.

However, at the last minute of the afternoon, my egg was actually broken. On the way to school, when I was sitting on a bicycle, I accidentally slipped my hand and the egg fell to the ground. Just listening to the “啪”, my baby broke like this. I was so sad that the baby that had been raised for several days was actually broken! My egg is broken, looking at someone else’s egg, I cried sadly. I really want to come back to this kind of egg protection activity again. I will pay more attention to it and never break my “little baby” again!

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