Hao Haidong’s Chinese style Mansion

The netizens who pay close attention to Hao Haidong know that in recent years, Hao Haidong has repeatedly exposed his mansion. Some bloggers commented that Hao Haidong’s mansion was like a “graveyard”. Hao Haidong has another mansion in the sun.
Hao Haidong has exposed his mansion for many times, claiming that it has more than 10000 square meters. It can be seen that the gate is a large iron gate, and the vegetation beside it is covered. And standing in the courtyard of Hao Haidong’s house, you can have a panoramic view. Hao Haidong himself is very casual every day. He has a swimming pool at home and the decoration is also very high-end
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However, a blogger said, “I don’t know how to evaluate it? It’s like showing people graves. ” Hao Haidong directly abused. After that, Hao Haidong revealed a Chinese style mansion, saying, “it’s simple but not simple.” This Chinese style courtyard is also a mansion. However, I don’t know what Hao Haidong wants to say when he exposes the mansion.
By the way, Hao Haidong recently scolded the national football team again. According to the report, the national football team decided not to broadcast the two warm-up matches when they played in Hong Kong. On the one hand, it was due to the need of tactical confidentiality, on the other hand, it was probably to “reduce pressure”. For this reason, Hao Haidong directly scolded: “there is still pressure for the national team and the club to play, so what about the national team and the national team? If you don’t have a broadcast or an audience, you can call it a team. Li Tie has also played in the world cup and I believe it’s not just a decision made by the manager. “
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Hao Haidong, now, really cares about everything! He’s really on fire. Previously, ye Zhaoying, Hao Haidong’s wife and world champion, said, “recently, good multimedia contacted me to interview me and want to know Hao Haidong in my eyes.” I don’t know which media and reporter can have a good command of the whole world. They can sit in Hao Haidong’s 10000 square meter house and interview him to let the outside world know more about his magnificent house.