Memory on Loess Slope

The setting sun was shining on the Mercedes-Benz train, and we began our journey to the West in the twilight. Along the way, we can see the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River full of green mountains and rivers, while the west, which is covered with mystery, has not appeared yet.
The next morning, when we woke up, we saw a little bit of the West — the hills were no longer green and gentle as they started, but steeper. The river is no longer the clear trickle of the south of the Yangtze River, but becomes broad and has added a little yellow. Unconsciously, the train arrived at the destination of the trip, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. At last we saw the real scene of the Great Northwest. Lanzhou’s mountains are different from the green and gentle hills in the south of the Yangtze River. The loess slopes here are endless, and there is not a trace of green on the towering hills. Even a grass, a tree, is a luxury landscape here.
“You can’t see the water of the Yellow River coming from the sky, flowing eastward to the sea and never returning, you can’t see the mirror of the lofty hall, grieving white hair, turning into snow at dusk.” This is a famous sentence in the famous work of Li Bai, a poet of the flourishing Tang Dynasty, “A toast to the general”. The first sentence describes the Yellow River in front of him. Nine meandering mothers river is broad and vast, which has caused great waves on the land of China. The surging mothers of the Yellow River make me wonder why the narrowness of the reinforced concrete forest can have the same broad mind as that of the mother of the Yellow River.
Hand in Hand School is located in Hongfeng Junior High School, Hongfeng Village, Beitan Township, near Lanzhou. Cars shuttle through endless loess slopes. I look at the bumpy road. It seems that this road connects not only the plains of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the Loess Plateau, but also the cities and countryside. It connects not only Shanghai Zhiyuan Middle School and Hongfeng Junior Middle School, but also our hearts and the hearts of other people of the same age.
After nearly three hours’long journey, as our car pulled into the school on the Loess Plateau, we were eager to see the students standing neatly at the school gate, clapping their hands to welcome our guests from afar. We got out of the car shyly, and I quietly watched each of them face. Their faces were all black and red without exception, especially the eyes of each of them that attracted my attention. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and friendliness towards us. They also made me feel that they had a hidden fear of us. Maybe the clothes we wear, the words we say, the bags we carry, the actions we do from the city… Everything, let them feel so strange.
But in the next two days, what I felt was not only the poverty in the countryside, but also the seriousness and efforts of the students there. I had a morning class with my classmates in Class 2 (1) of Hongfeng Junior Middle School. Their teaching progress there was far less than that in Shanghai, and they did not have decent desks, chairs and classrooms. In short, all the hardware facilities there are vastly different from ours. But in contrast to this, they are conscious, conscientious and hard-working in such a hard learning environment. Their study life is very tense, but every day during lunch break I can still see many students sitting on the floor with books in hand reciting texts; their progress is slow, but in the classroom except for the teacher’s lecture, there is only the rustle of the pen; they walk about three kilometers to school every day on average, but none of them will be late; It was the humble house and the shining certificates that the poor students saw when they visited their families. From the glow of these awards, I can see a sad growth history of a poor and outstanding student – mother paralysis, father’s unemployment and grandmother’s serious illness. This fifteen-six-year-old child uses her thin body every day to shoulder the heavy burden of family life, and learns all kinds of knowledge hungrily under the oil lamp at night. When others look at her with envy and praise her excellent achievements in her studies, she has no pride in her heart, not even the pride she deserves, only the family’s cottage and the unemployed father, the paralyzed mother and the sick grandmother in her heart…
These two days, through pair exchanges and visits to the activities of poor people, I learned a lot. The biggest feeling is that they are not “poor”. The sharp contrast between their material poverty and spiritual wealth makes us cry. Their greatest wealth is that they are full of hope for tomorrow and willing to fight for their dreams for tomorrow.
There is no banquet in the world. Two days passed quickly. We are destined to go home. At the farewell party of Hongfeng Junior High School, when the “Long Pavilion, the ancient road, the green grass and the sky” singing, some of our classmates shed tears, even if they did not cry, it is difficult to hide their hearts for these peers, life is rarely a happy reunion, only a lot of parting ah!
The train took us on the way home, looking at the Northwest scenery, recalling the Loess slopes, recalling the simple faces, recalling the Lige song, recalling the scene of “it’s hard to say goodbye when we meet”, my thoughts are long and uneasy…
On the barren loess slope, we will put on the holy green clothes for her.
In the sparsely populated countryside, we are going to build beautiful cities there…
In the impoverished northwest, we should make people’s lives there full of laughter and joy…

Celebrate the new year

Spring Festival is the traditional festival of our Chinese nation. At this time, every household has to get together for a reunion dinner. Workers are busy collecting luggage ready to go home, with a year’s salary, warm hearts; our children have achieved good results, hearts of beautifully, waiting for parents’praise… On the street, in the community, in the supermarket, everywhere is overflowing with joy, a lively scene.
Today is New Year’s Eve 30. The golden sunshine in the morning spreads all over the earth. My mother and I went shopping happily in the street. The Street seemed to change overnight. The street was full of colorful lanterns. Every family had Spring Festival couplets and red lanterns. People wear Festival dresses and walk on the street with smiles, some shopping, some viewing, a happy and peaceful scene.
In the evening, our family rushed to Grandma’s house for a reunion dinner. As soon as I arrived at Grandma’s house, I saw cousins, aunts and sisters all coming together. It was really a big reunion. Adults were busy in the kitchen. Our children set off firecrackers outside and soon a big table was ready. Wow, sweet and sour fish, braised chicken, braised eel, scalloped turtle, fried carp, fried shrimps, fried kidney flowers, fried hoof tendons… It’s all my favorite food. Look at my heart blooming and my mouth watering 3,000 feet.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, and finally waiting until 20 o’clock, “Spring Festival Gala” began, we all sat in front of the television to watch “Spring Festival Gala”. The programs of the Spring Festival Gala include: What’s the Spring Festival Gala? The opening song “365 Days Think of You”. The dance includes “Wanma Pentium”. The songs include “Where Time Goes”. The sketches include “Can’t Help You”. There are also many programs such as creative martial arts, Beijing Opera, magic, acrobatics and so on. Finally, there is an annual “Unforgettable Tonight”. The program is very exciting, and also has a moral. Congratulations on our success in the Spring Festival.
“Dangdang…” With the ringing of New Year’s bells, fireworks and firecrackers began to ring. My father and I took out the fireworks we had already prepared and lit them. We heard only a loud bang. A fireworks bomb went up into the sky and exploded in an instant. The fireworks exploded like a beautiful lotus flower in the sky. At this time, fireworks erupted from the fireworks, like countless bright meteors, flashing in the sky. Over… Other fireworks are shining in the sky. Some of them are like a string of pearls, some are like meteors, some are like chrysanthemums, and some are like waterfalls. I can’t catch my eyes. A loud sound of firecrackers, a sparkling, brilliant fireworks, flying in the sky, all kinds of colors, the sky decorated into a flower, the night sky suddenly became brilliant. At this time, the scene was surrounded by laughter, firecrackers, shouts, music, and melodies. It was very lively.
The new year is coming again. Everything will change in the new year. I have grown up one year. I hope that this year’s good luck will always accompany me, and I will work harder to achieve excellent results in this year. When I grow up, I will make great contributions to the construction of my hometown.

Distant pity for younger siblings, no memory of their alma mater

Graduation, a noun that stands for freedom and release in our hearts, turns into a verb at the hour of June 8 to 5 p.m. Looking at the cheering students out of the examination room, I really feel that we really graduated. This time it’s not really expecting but experiencing…
On the afternoon of June 8, we packed our bags, not for a long voyage, but for a return voyage. The thirteenth high school took care of our three-season swallow to blossom. In this hot and shady summer, we have to leave our alma mater, who has lived for three years. It seems that not long ago we were the freshmen who came to report in the rain, but in three years, with a flick of the finger, today we are the senior seniors who graduated from high school.
Some students said, “Thirteenth Middle School, never go back.” I’m sorry to hear that. In fact, we know very well that as long as we want our alma mater, we can go back to see her at any time. No matter where we are, the thirteenth Middle School of our alma mater is watching her children at the longitude and latitude we are most familiar with. Don’t you believe it? In the Notes for Senior Three Students of Hengshui Thirteenth Middle School in 2012, which was sent to us by our school before graduation, when the school gave us all the precautions one by one, the last one wrote as follows: “Students have any difficulties and problems in their future study, life and work. Welcome to contact the school and the head teacher at any time. We will be forever.” Pay attention to you, love you and help you. When I read this, I couldn’t help crying. The leaders and teachers of No. 13 Middle School guided and escorted our youth. Now, we are like dandelions flying far away. They are still silently supporting us behind. Who can do this except parents? We know that what we can’t go back is three years of good time; what we can’t go back is teachers’earnest teaching; what we can’t go back is the sunrise and sunset in our alma mater, bit by bit.
When I came out of the school gate, I looked back at my alma mater as if I had never been so attentive, as if all the noise around me had disappeared. Only my alma mater and I stared at each other like this, reluctantly parting… Sorry, but I still smiled and waved goodbye to my classmates, teachers and my dear alma mater No. 13 Middle School, because I love No. 13 Middle School.
Separately, three years of high school life is more precious, there are many reluctant but can only be recalled in my mind, in my high school life I have many unforgettable feelings. “Your handwriting is beautiful.” This is Mr. Li Yanyun’s first encouragement and affirmation to me when I first came to a strange place; when my shoes broke down, Mr. Lin Yuan took me out to buy shoes and invited me to eat rice noodles in casserole. This is the first time that someone invited me to eat rice noodles; Ms. Zhang Ling used to hold me crying, comfort me, encourage me to study math well, and she would help me; when I was in Senior Three, Mr. Yao Xinjie was the first to find me and follow me. I talked about my heart, which gave me momentum and confidence in the confusion and depression; I met Principal Bai downstairs at the corner, I asked him hello, he smiled and answered me with a loud voice: “Hello, classmates.” Kindness and stability won our respect for him. On the day of graduation, Mr. Yang Zunyi reluctantly held me in his arms and said, “Remember to visit the teacher later.” My eyes were wet and I said, “Teacher, I will come back to see you.” When we left the campus one after another, I saw our head teacher, Mr. Chen Yiqiang, delivering his classmates from the fence. I don’t know why he saw his back and thought about the year he paid for us. I’m sorry that I can’t hear him nagging us any more.
Say “goodbye”, maybe some people said goodbye can meet again, but some people said goodbye may never meet again, I have always firmly believed that the reunion is fate, thanks to the thirteenth middle school, let us get together, thirteenth middle school let me grow up, we left, students and sisters are still as hard as we used to struggle to change their destiny. What’s different is that they really don’t realize the bitterness and perseverance of leaving our alma mater. So I said that I pitied my younger siblings and did not remember my alma mater.
With my sincere feelings, I write an article about the memory and memory of my alma mater, which is dedicated to my dear alma mater as a token of the affection of my thirteenth high school student.
Alma mater, the children here to you a treasure, a treasure, a treasure contains the love for you…

Beauty comes from cherishing

Muxin said, “Life is nothing but desire and disgust.” Desire for the good things you don’t have, and gradually hate them when you get them. I think, “Variety is the source of happiness.” As long as everyone cherishes what he has, he will find something beautiful and have a sense of happiness.
Perhaps because distance produces beauty, people always think that other people’s things are better. As in the cartoon, when the vase is someone else’s, the person feels that the vase is really beautiful, but in his own hands is not satisfactory. In fact, it is human’s commonness. It always has beautiful illusions about things that have not been acquired, which leads to desire, criticism of things that have been possessed, and growing disgust.
In the article “Happiness on the other side of the mountain”, the children in the mountains admire the bright classroom of the children in the city, and the children in the city yearn for the fragrance of birds and flowers in nature. People always have the desire to pursue beauty, and it is this love of beauty that motivates us to love life and constantly pursue the beauty we have not yet possessed.
In fact, a comprehensive analysis and rational view can make us understand things more thoroughly. It’s also better to know what you really want, instead of bothering to pursue the bright surface of things themselves. If the people in the cartoon carefully analyze it, they will find that the works of art are not so exquisite, and they do not really like it. There is no need to take pains to get from a friend, he will have more mood to appreciate the real beauty. In Walden, Thoreau said, “What’s the meaning of my life if I sell mornings and afternoons to society like most people do?” If in life, we can also see through the emptiness of wealth and not to show off wealth, can also abandon the evil of power and not corruption, can also find the beauty of human nature without erecting the heart wall… Only by going deep into this world and breathing the air in the misty morning, as Calvino did, can we have a deeper understanding of this world and allow divinity to dominate our souls rather than our desires.
“You incite, I incite wisdom.” In such an increasingly irrational society, we should always keep rational thinking and pursue real beauty without being confused by appearances and pursuing aesthetics, not just a beautiful vase.
Face life with a cherished attitude, we can discover more beautiful, we can comprehend the true meaning of happiness. China in the Westernization always seems to feel that the western society is more democratic. Xiong Peiyun, a young scholar, praises the French people’s respect for history in The Country of Thought. However, I think that Chinese culture also has many things to be proud of, and we should find and cherish them. Gu Hongming said to the students in class, “Let you learn English poetry for the sake of your understanding of the peaceful and tolerant Chinese people to those countries with four barbarians.” As Chinese, we should realize the superiority of our own culture, cherish and develop them. As an ordinary person, we should also cherish every bit of life. Jin Shengtan said, “Cutting green and sinking watermelon on a vermilion plate in hot summer is not too fast.” It can be seen that as long as we cherish life, every drop is beautiful.
For example, people who get art in cartoons think it is not very beautiful. Many people are in Chinese society and are not satisfied with her. In fact, as long as we think more rationally and independently, to discover the beauty of society, to cherish such a harmonious society, she is still beautiful.
“Variety is the source of happiness.” As long as we cherish different selves, everyone is a fine work of art. As long as we cherish our unique society, she is also a fine work of art.