Summer came, and the mast flower came to life. She shyly changed from green to vast white, and then it seemed to burst into full bloom overnight.
The Wenhui Garden in summer is full of people, especially in the early morning. At that time, the early-rising grandparents were concentrating on Taijiquan, while the uncles and aunts were dancing in a romantic waist-hugging dance. A gentle breeze blew through, ushering in the fragrance of the mast flower gift.
I follow the fragrance, wow! The mast flower is white without a trace of blemish. Launch a smile and dance happily with the wind! Mast flowers blossom densely, one layer inside and one layer outside. People say, “Mast flowers blossom, fragrance floats ten miles.” The fragrance is so daunting and incomparable that people can’t help but “suck” the former free farmer without losing elegance. It seems that they can’t find the best words in the world. Similarly, at this time, I thought of a sentence: “Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery of beauty.” No, I found beauty!
Just as I was immersed in the beauty and fragrance of the mast flowers, there came a lady whose hair was dyed bright red, with bright red lipstick, dressed in a vermilion dress, fingernails dyed purple red, and heavy makeup with a deep red leather bag. As she approached, I smelled the strong perfume on her body, which was very pungent. She plucked a white flower from the mast without hesitation, put it on her head, and took out a mirror to look at it. Then, without any sympathy, they plucked one after another, not even letting go of the flowers and bones. Some plucked, disliked it, and threw it on the ground. The others were put in her purse. I was trying to stop it, but I was frightened by her relentless behavior. When she found out that I was looking at her, she said angrily, “Look at the little asshole!”
“Sister, how beautiful the flowers are, but how dare you pick them!”
“What do you know, I’m doing my best!”
“Make the best of everything?”
“This flower on my head will make me more beautiful, take it back, put it in a vase, and my room will be more fragrant…”
“But if you pick them, no one else will appreciate them!”
“It’s your shit! Didn’t your teacher teach you? Mind your own business and eat your shit!” Then she picked another blooming one and put it in front of her nose and smelled it. Then she turned her mouth to the left. Her smile made her face ugly and more distorted, and finally she went away. I’m silly. Everyone has a heart for beauty, but why does she only attach importance to the beauty of external beauty, but not to the soul? Picking flowers has become the best use of everything, uncivilized phenomenon has become righteous and vigorous… Aren’t there any civilized people in the society today? Why are there people like her? A series of questions nobody can give me an answer.
At this time, another gray-haired grandmother came. She dressed plainly and saw the mast flowers on the ground. She quickly picked them up and put them in her arms. Looking at the elder sister’s back, she shook her head, sighed, and said to herself, “What’s wrong with this man? Just as I went to the bathroom, she… This mast flower is a life for good or ill. Is it really precious because of its rarity? If everyone plucks it like she does, the mast flowers will disappear! __
“Grandma, do you know her?”
“Why don’t you know? I’m the park keeper here. She picks flowers every day, picks a bag and throws a lot of them,” she said as she took out the lace she picked up. Look, when the flowers are in full bloom, they are still green. What a pity! I can take them home and soak them in the water and open them. I planted them all by myself! They are like cutting my heart and flesh! Children, in the future, don’t learn this selfish man! “
The grandmother in front of us is in sharp contrast to the older sister who just left. Why is the difference between human nature so great? I understand, selfishness! Because civilized people are never selfish, only selfish people can not achieve civilization. If all the people in the world are selfless and civilized, human beings may not have today! Just because all the people in the world have individual selfish and uncivilized guys, the world is not perfect and unsatisfactory… Man, let’s be a civilized man! A pure civilized man like a mast flower!

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