Chen Xiangxin’s love

Recently, Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing broke up with big melon, and even a lot of stars joined the melon eating army.
Although Luo Zhixiang has apologized for many times, the public still seems to be reluctant. In addition to the collapse of 20-year hard-working human facilities, many previously scheduled programs have no Luo Zhixiang.
After the ferment of public opinion, many of Luo Zhixiang’s friends were involved without any reason. In such a case, another disgraceful male star came out with a new love affair.
Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong used to be the golden virgin in the eyes of the public. They met each other when shooting the TV series “the house of ladies”, then they were photographed traveling together, and their love affairs were exposed. When we were expecting the good things of the two, we didn’t expect the news of breaking up.
Three years after their breakup, Chen Xiang seems to have started a new love life.
On April 30, it was photographed that Chen Xiang appeared in a coffee shop near the East Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. There was a Slim Beauty sitting opposite him. They talked and laughed while drinking.
Funny and humorous Chen Xiang often makes girls laugh, like little lovers in love. The whole picture is full of sweetness.
After chatting for a while, Chen Xiang got up to check out, and the girl stayed in her seat to pack her things silently. Then they left the cafe and came to the car.
If drinking a coffee together doesn’t prove anything, then the next move shows that the relationship between the two people is not ordinary.
After Chen Xiang came to the car, the girl took out the key from her bag and gave it to Chen Xiang. The whole process was very natural, and it looked like a hostess.
Then they drove back to Chen Xiang’s neighborhood together, and the romance was exposed.
In the comment area, many netizens sent blessings to Chen Xiang’s new love. Of course, many people also mentioned his old story with Mao Xiaotong and Jiang Kaitong.
In 2017, Mao Xiaotong suddenly wrote on her social account: “I never thought this scene would appear in front of me.” at that time, she and Chen Xiang were in a period of passionate love. Many people thought that Chen Xiang proposed to her.
Later, we learned that what Mao Xiaotong said about “this scene” was that Chen Xiang took another female star Jiang Kaitong to return to their love nest when Mao Xiaotong went out to work.
After many days of business trip, Mao Xiaotong hurried home in advance to finish his work and wanted to surprise his boyfriend. As a result, he saw a scene of two people’s unbearable situation. According to the surveillance video, Mao Xiaotong packed his things and moved overnight soon after he went upstairs. From then on, he lost contact with Chen Xiang.
Maybe it’s for the sake of his acting future. Even with the confirmation of Mao Xiaotong’s Micro blog and surveillance video, Chen Xiang still denies that there is a third party when he breaks up.
In 2019, when Mao Xiaotong participated in “Dear marriage bar”, he mentioned the relationship with Chen Xiang.
Under the questions of Li Tan and CAI Kangyong, Mao Xiaotong first talked about the inside of the breakup, sometimes her eyes were full of tears, sometimes she was stabbed to the pain by Li Sheng.
Li Tan said to Mao Xiaotong, “you seem to see each other when you shouldn’t appear, so you can see a scene that shouldn’t be seen”. Then Cai Kangyong added, “why don’t you inform each other in advance that you want to go?” which turned the surprise into a scare.
At this time, Mao Xiaotong only said “look at life”.
After breaking up with Chen Xiang, Mao Xiaotong has been single. After being pointed out by thousands of people, Jiang Jiatong also left Chen Xiang.
Now Chen Xiang seems to start a new relationship again. Would you bless him?