Confirmed by more than 50 journalists in India

Xinhua news agency, Mumbai, April 20 (reporter Zhang Xingjun) – at least 53 journalists in Mumbai have been confirmed to have contracted the new coronavirus, the city’s Municipal Department said Tuesday.
A municipal official in Mumbai said in an interview with the media that day that the confirmed reporters came from a number of media institutions, mostly photographers and cameramen who interviewed in-depth anti epidemic front-line. Among them, asymptomatic patients have been required to be isolated at home, and other confirmed reporters have been arranged to receive isolation treatment in designated hospitals.
The official said that the total number of reporters who had been tested for the new crown was about 170, and that the test results of some people had not come out, so it was not ruled out that the number of confirmed cases had increased further.
On the same day, the Mumbai press club sent a letter to the chief minister of Maharashtra state, where Mumbai is located, hoping that the local government would attach importance to and provide front-line journalists with the same protective equipment as medical personnel, and at the same time, as soon as possible, all journalists involved in front-line reporting would be tested.
As of the evening of the 20th, 17656 confirmed cases, 2841 cured and 559 died in India. Mumbai has 3090 confirmed cases and 138 deaths, making it one of the most serious cities in India.