Longgina four handed

At 2 a.m. on April 19, Beijing time, an online superstar concert led by American singer Lady Gaga, jointly created by the World Health Organization and the world public welfare organization, was held on the Internet.
Nearly 100 superstars from all over the world have given their wonderful performances to this public concert. China ‘s “Piano genius”, “piano prince” Lang Lang also participated in the performance.
Lang Lang and his wife Gina, a pianist, first performed a gripping four handed performance of Nocturne Op. 9 No 1 BB min.
Lang Lang is wearing a handsome black suit, while Gina is wearing a long black dress, elegant and atmospheric. They sat in front of the piano and played with great devotion. Look carefully, they still wear wedding rings on their hands, which is a surprise “dog food”.
Judging from the decoration in the picture, Lang Lang should be in his own home. In addition to the piano in front of him, the chair behind him also has Chinese characteristics.
Lang Lang and Gina have a good understanding of each other. They often look at each other and laugh at each other during the performance. This scene is full of pink bubbles, and “sweet” is a stranger.
At the end of the performance, Gina and Lang Lang are still in front of the camera, cheering for the medical staff, which is extremely warm.
In a later “Wang bombers” show, Lang Lang also appeared. It can be seen from the same yellow leather sofa that the recording scene of this song is the same as the previous one. Lang Lang Lang’s clothes and angle have not been changed, but the chair behind him has been removed, and the piano chair sitting has also been changed into a high backed chair.
In this program, Andrea Bocelli, a world-renowned blind soprano who has been in flower armour, and Celine Dion, a pop diva, sang their classic work the prayer.
At the same time, the version also included performances by the concert’s chief planner, Lady Gaga, and Grammy winner, John Legend, accompanied by Lang Lang’s piano, which was very impressive.
Lang Lang, the world’s most famous and popular classical pianist, was named “UN ambassador for peace” at the age of 26. Now Lang Lang has faded away from the green, easygoing and warm. Even if he only plays the piano at home in his casual clothes, he also flashes the master’s brilliance which cannot be concealed.
Lang Lang, 37, has always believed that “music has the power of healing spirit”. He has been trying his best to promote piano education to the homes of ordinary people. He once said, “even if it’s hard and needs a lot of practice, I’ll take the lead.”
The ring of music public welfare, with Lang Lang as a point of light, is spreading to every corner of its ability.