Zhu Zhiwen’s family is kicked open

In the early morning of April 18, Zhu Zhiwen, brother overcoat, couldn’t bear to post on the social platform and said frankly: “I can lower the bottom line again and again, but you can’t, think I have no bottom line; I can bear to swallow again and again, but you can’t, think I have no consciousness.”
Big brother Yi stands out from the Star Road, standing in the halo of grass-roots singers. Brother overcoat once boarded the Spring Festival Gala. In that year, the commercial price doubled. In a short period of time, brother overcoat, with accumulating a lot of wealth, once attracted the same people’s eyes and came to the door to borrow money. In a flash, over the years, brother overcoat’s family had numerous debts, but failed to collect the debts. After a long time, brother overcoat refused to lend money.
As for brother overcoat, he can’t keep his passion for so many years, and he can’t leave his fellow villagers blocking the door to start broadcasting, because brother overcoat clearly knows that the label of his debut was grass-roots singer. If it’s true, as we all say, in order to avoid shooting to buy a house in the city, the exposure rate will be greatly reduced in the future, and will be forgotten over time.
Under the camera, brother overcoat is honest and honest. Even if he has money, he still can’t forget to do farm work. He usually lives a very full life. Often people are like this, the more tolerant one side is, the more arrogant the other side is!
Often blocked door photo, no privacy, brother overcoat can understand or even accept, there are many things that he can’t bear, even in many people’s live anger, a long time this attracted brother overcoat can’t bear to send a message “please let go”.
During the hot search on April 17, it was found that those who went to brother overcoat’s house as promised to take photos every day, faced with the door of brother overcoat’s house being closed, they actually kicked the door of brother overcoat’s house open after verbal provocation, which would be a great insult to anyone, but brother overcoat, as a public figure, was not brave to be angry, and he was not willing to tear his face in the face of the villagers With the early morning of the next day, brother overcoat wrote that he had touched his own bottom line. He also hoped that many photographers would give due respect to others while making profits for themselves!