Narrowing Note

When I got up in the morning, I saw a glass of glowing strawberry juice on the table. I went to see it curiously and smelled it. It was so fragrant. I think it must be delicious, so I dried this strawberry juice in one mouthful.
Suddenly, I noticed that the furniture around me was getting bigger, and I immediately screamed. “Dad! Mom! Come on! Mom heard my voice and came out of the room like a giant standing in front of me. I realized that it wasn’t the furniture that grew bigger, it was me that grew smaller. Mother said, “What’s wrong?” I shouted, “I’m getting smaller!” But my voice became smaller, and my mother’s feet looked like a mountain in front of me. She didn’t hear me at all. She muttered, “Where did the child go to play early in the morning?” I’m very anxious to let them find me! Otherwise, I might have been trampled to death.
I’m going to wash my face first, but how can I go to the washstand when I’m so small? My eyes turned to a good way to use the water dispenser! I came to the front of the water dispenser, grabbed the leaves of the pot plant next to the water dispenser and climbed up. It took a lot of effort to climb to the water receiving place. But I couldn’t turn on the tap at all. I patted the water dispenser and dripped a drop of water from the hole. I was delighted to use my hands and then I was stunned. The drop was covered with the palms of my hands, enough for me to wash my face. It seemed that I was too small. Now.
After washing my face, I was ready to go on, and suddenly found a mosquito looking at me with a terrible look. If I had killed him with one slap before, it would be a huge thing for me now. I could only take a few steps backwards. The mosquito swooped towards me. I saw a sponge on the ground that I wiped the table yesterday. I thought: I could use it from here. Jump down inside! There was no time to hesitate. I jumped from the water dispenser and landed on the sponge. I breathed a sigh of relief and looked up. The mosquito flew down. I was unarmed, so I had to run. Suddenly I found a long and thin embroidery needle on the ground. I held it up and pointed it at the mosquito. The mosquito died. The red liquid flowed out of the body, which made me sick.
While I was proud of my wit and courage, another pair of bigger eyes stared at me, my dog, Coffee. These days, he caught a cold and sneezed me a lot. I was sneezed by him for several steps. Coffee saw it and ran over, but it seemed to know me, and there was no hostility. I thought of a good way. I climbed up the dog’s leg and sat on its neck. I yelled in its ear. The coffee jumped up excitedly and almost threw me off. I pinched the coffee hard, and the coffee barked with pain. Hearing the cry, my mother came out. When her eyes fell on the coffee, she finally saw me. She lifted me up and said, “Honey, how did you get smaller?” I cried and said, “I drank a glass of strawberry juice this morning and it got smaller!” Mother frowned as if she were thinking about something. I asked, “Would you stop me?” Mother kissed me on the forehead and said, “No.”
Mother had a quick idea and said, “When you drink strawberry juice, it gets smaller. Would another drink get bigger?” I felt justified and said excitedly, “Try it!” Mother quickly squeezed a cup of strawberry juice and put it in front of me. I thought to myself: How can I drink such a big cup? Want to drown me? So I asked my mother to wash my toy cup and fill it with a glass of strawberry juice. I drank it in one breath. A second later, I grew older bit by bit. Two minutes later, I looked in the mirror, and I became the same, the young and energetic girl.

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