Resolve misunderstanding

From birth to death, from beginning to end. You will find that there are some things we need to open our hearts. Otherwise, the misunderstanding will make you lose your most important person.
Once, I did not know how to be tolerant. I was impatient when I met things. I was always calculating and easily misunderstood others. I returned to my class at noon that day and found that all the pens I bought in the morning had disappeared, but I clearly remember that they were clearly in the pen bag! I was in a hurry. I bought those pens with my hard-earned pocket money. They were very expensive. I immediately started looking for it, but even the classroom was turning upside down and still could not find it. Where would a few pens hide? At that moment, I didn’t know who it was. Suddenly, I roared loudly and said, “Yes, I found it in Li Ziang’s pencil bag!” How can I be unhappy with this surprising news? “Ah?” Immediately I ran over excitedly. “Really?” Sure enough, in the man’s pen bag, there was a pen exactly like mine! Excited, but frustrated, because I only found one. But in an instant, as if I understood something, I got excited again. As long as this man took it, I should be able to find other pens!
When he returned to the classroom, he seemed to have anticipated that something had happened, because the eyes of the whole class were all fixed on him humming a tune. At this time, I slowly walked forward, trying to say in a very calm tone: “Where did you take my pen? Do you know it’s wrong to take someone else’s things without permission? Give me back those pens! ” He was very puzzled. He didn’t seem to know what was going on for a while. “Who took your pen?” Huh? Are you talking about this one? I just bought it today. No investigation, no voice. Don’t you know? His words are compelling and intertwined. I couldn’t hear any more, so I angrily picked up the pen lying in his pencil bag, returned to my seat, and said sharply, “I’ll limit you to return those pens to me tomorrow. Do you hear me?” Tomorrow! ” Seeing that I had taken away his pen and was still in a rage, he came over fiercely and snatched the pen I had just taken back, and then scolded a few words. My endurance reached its peak, and my mind was dizzy with anger. At the moment of the outbreak, the head teacher came over.
The teacher in charge of a class has a melancholy expression on her face. Her cheeks are always slightly old and plain. She said helplessly, “You two, follow me to my office!” I desperately explained, just to let the teacher let me go: “Teacher, no, it’s him…” Before I finished, the head teacher gave me a quick and fierce look in the eyes and said to me, “What’s the explanation? Come with me to the office! I had to keep silent.
Teachers naturally let us calm down for a while, then through a classmate to understand the details of this matter. Later, he said to me, “Your business should have been settled in private, but almost fought.” Then he said, “What evidence do you have to prove that he took your pen?” I was very helpless, although I had 100,000 or even 10,000 affirmations at that time, but I just had no evidence. Finally, I had to go back to class with the permission of the head teacher.
The next morning, the head teacher said it carelessly in the class, but she didn’t mention the classmate who took my things. I was very angry, but finally she said she hoped that the classmate who took my things would return it as soon as possible. I had to stop complaining. In this way, the third day passed, the fourth day passed, until the fifth day came to school, I found a piece of paper on my desk, which is below the pens I lost. I was so happy that I put the pen in my pencil bag and looked at the paper. There are a few sentences above, the content is like this: please don’t misunderstand him any more. I’m very guilty these days. These pens have been returned to you. I hope you can forgive me and hope you don’t misunderstand him any more. —— Han Ziyang
Suddenly, I felt a kind of indescribable shame. I misunderstood him for so many days. Although he did not treat me patiently, he did not make me look ugly in face. Suddenly my heart opened and I wrote him a letter of apology, expecting him to forgive me. But after several days, he did not take the initiative to deal with me. Just as I thought our friendship was coming to an end, the next morning, he handed me several identical pens and said to me, “I was so impulsive that I scolded you that day. Whether those pens were found or not, you use them first. I bought them newly, and you and I are still good friends.” I was moved to think that he tolerated me, in contrast, I was ashamed of my narrowness.
Since then, my personality has changed greatly. I became open-minded and generous, no longer calculating, doing everything with tolerance and understanding as the center. With my change, the misunderstanding that happened to me has also been reduced a lot, and I have finally learned how to resolve a misunderstanding in time with sincerity.
In fact, to resolve misunderstandings is to open your heart. As long as your heart can accommodate and accept others, you will get trust and more friends.

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