Didi online route

On January 9, Didi travel launched the “passing point” function in 37 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Kunming, etc., to meet the needs of multi-destination stops in scenarios such as multiple people riding together and individual multi-point travel.
After the party with friends, I want to take a car to different destinations. When I go to an activity site, I need to go home to pick up a document Such scenes are very common in people’s daily travel. In the past, passengers often faced such problems as unable to estimate the trip cost and arrival time when issuing the ticket, need to communicate with the driver repeatedly on the way, and worry about the vehicle not to continue service after getting off. The “passing point” function is mainly aimed at the problems in these taxi scenes, reducing the misunderstanding and inconvenience caused by oral communication.
From now on, in the area where the “waypoint” function is enabled, when passengers can enter their destination before the trip, click the “+” symbol on the right to add up to three waypoints. The platform will plan the routes to different routes according to the sequence of routes filled in by passengers, and display the estimated itinerary information of the routes to passengers according to the routes.
After the passengers get on the train, the driver will deliver the passengers to different passing points in order, and the dwell time of each passing point shall not exceed 3 minutes. If passengers need to wait for a long time in a certain place, they need to reach an agreement with the driver, and the driver has the right to terminate the order in advance. At the end of the trip, passengers can view the trip information and the route points in the “my order”.
At present, the “waypoint” function only supports the issuance of orders on the Chinese interface of didi travel app, and is applicable to the real-time travel services of didi express, preferential and special vehicles.