Mental health in schools

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, Dec. 27 (reporter Qu ting) 12 ministries and commissions, including the national health and Health Commission, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee and the Ministry of education, have recently printed and issued the action plan for healthy China – children and adolescents’ Mental Health (2019-2022). It is proposed that by the end of 2022, all kinds of schools at all levels should establish mental service platforms or rely on school doctors and other personnel to carry out mental health services for students, preschool education and special education Educational institutions should be equipped with full-time and part-time mental health education teachers.
According to this action plan, by the end of 2022, 50% of parents’ schools or family education guidance service stations should carry out mental health education; 60% of secondary and above mental hospitals should set up mental clinics for children and adolescents; 30% of children’s specialized hospitals, maternal and child health care centers, and general hospitals above secondary level should set up mental (psychological) clinics; all cities should set up or access psychological assistance hotlines; children and youth The awareness rate of mental health core knowledge of adolescents should reach 80%.
Mental health, especially the mental health of children and adolescents, has become an increasingly prominent public health problem. The health China action (2019-2030), released in July this year, proposes to carry out mental health promotion actions and primary and secondary school health promotion actions, among which, for children’s and adolescents’ mental health, all have set phased goals for 2022 and 2030. For example, by 2022, the proportion of primary and secondary schools equipped with full-time and part-time mental health workers will reach more than 80%.
According to the person in charge of the disease control bureau of the national health and Health Commission, the purpose of launching the mental health action for children and adolescents is to ensure the realization of the above-mentioned phased goals by 2022, to meet the challenge of the current rising incidence of children and adolescents’ psychological and behavioral problems and the prevalence of mental disorders, and to form a coordinated mental health service model of schools, communities, families, media, medical and health institutions The social environment is conducive to the mental health of children and adolescents.
According to the latest epidemiological survey, about 16.57% of Chinese people are suffering from various mental disorders and psychological problems. Cui Yonghua, director of the psychiatry department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, said that in recent years, the mental health situation of children and adolescents is not optimistic. The highlight of this action is to promote the construction of children’s mental health system to the implementation level.
It is reported that in the six specific actions listed in the plan, many pilot prevention and intervention measures have been carried out to strengthen the psychological counseling of key groups. For example, for the students and their parents, disadvantaged students, general bad behavior teenagers, psychological counseling should be carried out, if necessary, psychological intervention should be carried out.