Kobe directs traffic

On December 14, Beijing time, the Lakers’ second away game in five consecutive games, facing the heat, which ranks second in the East, is definitely a tough opponent for the Lakers. But in the off-site sudden is, Kobe encountered the scene of the accident, the incarnation of traffic police command traffic, pink clothes for the mirror.
Speaking of Kobe Bryant, he devoted all his wonderful career to the Lakers, and brought five championship titles to the Lakers, making him almost the best in the team’s history. With comprehensive data, he actually has a strong organizational offensive ability, but not as dazzling as scoring. After retiring, he focused on his career and rarely appeared in staples to watch the ball.
Today, TMZ, a famous sports media, reported that a netizen met Kobe at the scene of the accident. It is reported that Kobe passed by the beach in Newport, California, with his family today. At this time, on his driving route, he witnessed a major accident, and the two cars that collided were almost in a state of scrap.
In fact, Kobe just passed by and could turn around and leave. But Kobe didn’t do that. He stayed at the scene of the accident and didn’t leave in time. He not only appeased the people who had the accident, but also directed the traffic at the scene. When the official rescuers arrived, he chose to leave silently. Witnesses said: he really helped a lot.
Judging from the video taken by the party concerned, the fog in the early morning is a little fuzzy, but Kobe’s pink clothes are really eye-catching! Seeing a traffic accident on the road, Kobe went to the street to help deal with the traffic accident. The retired life of stars is so simple and boring.
In fact, as early as last September, Kobe Bryant had the same accident. At that time, he still chose to get out of the car to ask about the accident and take photos. It’s probably the luckiest thing in his life for a superstar who has no shelf, has affinity and becomes a fan of Kobe. Are you right?