Nanchang flight conference held

Jiangxi plane flies On November 2, the opening ceremony of the 2019 Nanchang flight conference was held at Yaohu airport.
Liu Qi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, attended and launched the opening ceremony. Yi Lianhong, governor of the province, he Dongfeng, chairman of COMAC, and other speeches were delivered. Yin Meigen, Wu Xiaojun, Zhou Meng and Lei Yuanjiang, leaders of the province, attended.
Yi Lianhong, on behalf of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, congratulated the convening of the conference and welcomed the guests attending the conference. He said that Jiangxi is the cradle and birthplace of new China’s aviation industry, with a profound historical background and a solid industrial foundation. At this year’s military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, a number of planes made in Jiangxi were reviewed by the motherland and the people. It is the hard work and sweat of generations of aviation people that have made Jiangxi’s aviation industry glorious. In recent years, Jiangxi provincial Party committee and provincial government have built the aviation industry as a strategic emerging industry, and vigorously promoted the transformation of Jiangxi from a province with large aviation resources to a province with strong aviation economy. The development trend of the industry is gratifying, the industrial platform is growing, the research and development capacity is increasing, major projects are landing at an accelerated pace, the development of the aviation industry is starting steadily, and the opening and cooperation are advancing steadily, which is of high quality for Jiangxi aviation industry The leap forward development of quantity laid a solid foundation.
Yi Lianhong pointed out that Jiangxi is a red earth holy land full of glory and blood, and also a hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship. I sincerely hope that relevant ministries and commissions of the state will continue to care about and support Jiangxi’s development and give more guidance and help to Jiangxi. We sincerely hope that leading enterprises such as COMAC and AVIC will give more technical and financial support to Jiangxi, and promote the layout and implementation of more projects in Jiangxi. I sincerely hope that all experts, scholars and industry elites will actively participate in the high-quality leapfrog development of Jiangxi, take the “flight” of Jiangxi, and speed up the development to a new peak. In accordance with the decision made by the party in the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and general secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of the important speech of Jiangxi, we will push forward the modernization of the governance system and governance capacity and create the “four most” business environment to provide convenient, efficient and easy service for all kinds of enterprises and talents.
Before the opening ceremony, Liu Qi, Yi Lianhong and other provincial leaders visited the aviation industry exhibition. At the opening ceremony, the first ARJ21 aircraft was delivered to Jiangxi airlines, the airframe design center of COMAC (Nanchang) was unveiled, and major projects were signed.
It is understood that the theme of the 2019 Nanchang flight conference is “Jiangxi plane flies up”, which lasts from November 2 to 3. This conference will focus on the requirements of “aviation industry, aviation R & D, Jiangxi aircraft, aviation town and aviation market”, and hold a series of activities such as exhibition chamber of Commerce, UAV performance, Summit Forum, aviation sports performance and Star Pilot interaction. A special exhibition area was also set up at the conference site to let the audience explore more than 100 kinds of aircrafts at close range.