Sales of VC beauty needle: 230000

The medical beauty industry is chaotic: C is packaged as “beauty needle” and sold for 230 thousand.
The chaos in the medical and aesthetic industry has reached the point where those plastic surgery experts and academic giants can’t bear it. On October 30, when sun Xianze, the deputy director of the 13th CPPCC education, science, health and Physical Education Committee and President of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, led the “medical beauty industry research group” to the Ninth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of medicine, some experts from the Ninth Hospital came down from the outpatient clinic wearing masks, some came out of the operating room wearing coveralls, and others took them They need to “reflect the problem” with a thick stack of written materials that they stay up late to sort out.
In August last year, a white paper of 2018 medical beauty industry released by a private medical beauty agency showed that the market size of China’s medical beauty market in 2018 could reach 224.5 billion yuan. The white paper also shows that there are more than 100000 illegal studios and beauty salons in the Chinese medical market. The white paper “underground black needle” of Chinese medical beauty published by China data research center and China Society of plastic surgery and Cosmetology reveals the amazing “black doctor” information. The data shows that in the “black doctor” market, there are 9 “black doctors” in every 10 medical beauty practitioners.
3000 yuan can be a “medical consultant”, 230000 yuan a dose of vitamin C sold to consumers
“If you study for 3000 yuan for one month, you will be issued a medical and aesthetic consultant’s qualification certificate. These consultants, who sell cosmetics, clothes and restaurants, give you advice on how to reshape yourself. ” Sun Baoshan, director of plastic surgery of Shanghai No.9 hospital, has been monitoring the medical quality for 18 years, and has been on the front line of medical and beauty quality monitoring. He told reporters that the so-called “medical and beauty consultant” profession is leading the young “regular army” doctors and destroying the whole industry’s ecology.
The medical beauty consultant is the “beauty medical consultant”. According to the official explanation of the medical beauty and cosmetology branch of the Chinese Medical Association, it is a practitioner who is engaged in consulting work in beauty and plastic surgery institutions and who sets up a communication bridge between plastic surgeons and beauty seekers. The certification of Cosmetology medical consultants refers to other national vocational qualification certification methods, and the qualification certification work mainly includes two parts: training and assessment.
But when we search for the key word “beauty medical consultant” on the Internet, we can see that “regular army” can hardly be found. On the contrary, you can see the “Tina teacher” who graduated from the University of medical cosmetology taught you how to improve your taste by persisting in painting every day, serving 20 customers a day; you can see the “hidden door” of the recruitment of consultants in medical and beauty institutions, which is the essence of “customer service + sales”; you can see the so-called enrollment advertisement of professional licensing institutions, which can be given you one month’s training Issue a card; you can also see the “magic” recruitment advertisement with “base salary of 500 + subsidy of 500 + commission” issued by the agency, but can earn more than 10000 yuan per month.
“The medical beauty industry has now become an industry with extremely poor technical quality. Hairdressers, beauty salons and foot massage shops can do medical beauty as long as they are brave enough.” Sun Baoshan said that the medical and aesthetic industry has a low threshold and a large market, and many “bosses” flock to it. “If you do a bad job, you will have more civil liability, and earn 1 million yuan and compensate 200000 yuan, which is worth it.”
Sun Baoshan has seen some private medical and beauty institutions make “beauty needles” by mixing vitamin C, normal saline and vitamin B12, and then sell them to consumers at a price of 230000 yuan. He has also seen the “strange thing” of opening a double eyelid with a price of 100000 yuan, and someone has paid for it. “I’ve seen it a lot. It’s not uncommon in the medical and aesthetic industry.” Sun Baoshan said.
Luan Jie, vice president of plastic surgery hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and chairman of plastic surgery branch of Chinese Medical Association, also noticed this “strange thing”, “many private medical institutions are beyond the Golden Jade, and they spend a lot of money on shops, doors, and decoration of Haohua, but the lines and needles used in the operating room are the cheapest. If the drainage tube can be replaced by an infusion set, the drainage tube shall not be used. “.
Doctors in cardiology and orthopedics became plastic surgeons after short-term training
A plastic surgeon, who asked not to be named, told reporters that a friend of his department had recently moved to a private plastic surgery institution under the temptation of high salary. This is a fairly formal private organization, which employs plastic surgeons who are professionals with plastic surgery qualifications. But there, doctors live a “mixed life”.
“In the beginning, the consultant’s sister recommended the patient to him. He did preoperative analysis and judgment as seriously as he did in a public hospital, and then declined the patient because it did not meet the indications of the operation. ” The doctor said that after several times, the “regular army” doctor was “banned” by the consultant. “All consultants do not recommend patients to him,” hungry “him for three months, and no operation can be performed.” Finally, the young doctor compromised. He can no longer easily “decline” the patients recommended by the consultant.
The reporter of China Youth Daily · China Youth Net noted that the former Ministry of health had issued the measures for the management of medical beauty services (Order No. 19) in 2002, which clearly stipulated that the “chief physician” responsible for the implementation of medical beauty projects must be “practicing physician”, which mentioned that the practicing physician must “have received professional training or advanced study and passed, or have engaged in clinical work of medical beauty 1 More than years “. However, in front of the temptation of great interests, including the heart