The market value of Haidilao is 200 billion

On October 17, Haidilao’s share price rose more than 1%. The highest market value of Haidilao recorded more than 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, while the assets of Haidilao founder Zhang Yong and his wife also rose, which has exceeded 120 billion yuan.

The market value of Haidilao exceeded 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, a record high. As a core asset of the consumer industry, Haidilao has built a strong motive with its outstanding management system, perfect supply chain and strong brand effect, and has shown strong growth momentum in the hot pot track and the entire catering industry, and is expected to continue. Benefit from the growth of industry and the accumulation of scale advantages.

Wow! The market value of Haidilao is 200 billion! I have also joined the 100 billion business!

Since its listing, Haidilao has entered a period of rapid expansion. Nearly 200 new stores opened in 2018. It is estimated that there will be more than 300 newly opened stores in 2019. The total number of stores at the end of the year will reach 800. The total number of stores at the end of 2020 is expected to exceed 1,000. At the same time as the rapid opening of the store, Haidilao guarantees stable operation efficiency, and the turnover rate of all stores is maintained at about 5 times, leading the food and beverage industry. In the first half of 2019, the company’s operations remained stable. The operating efficiency of newly opened stores and all stores remained basically the same as that at the end of 2018. The turnover rate remained stable. The same store turnover rate was increased from 5 to 5.2 times, achieving volume and price increase. Both the profit side and the profit end achieved rapid growth. The high-quality operation efficiency further promotes the expansion of the company’s scale advantage. The average investment recovery time of Haidilao new store is less than one year. The high ROE enables the company to realize profit growth quickly after opening the store.

At present, the same store growth of Haidilao tends to be stable, and the main growth driver of future performance will come from the expansion of stores. In order to ensure the rapid expansion of the kinetic energy and talent reserve of the store, Haidilao launched a series of characteristic management systems to provide important guarantees, including the mentoring system, the group system, and the A-level store selection system, which further strengthened the interests of employees and the company. It also promoted the company’s flat management and standardized assessment. Haidilao’s “hands change fate” values ​​and smooth, fair and strict store promotion system fully motivate and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, form corporate cohesion, and also enable Haidilao to ensure a leading low turnover rate in the entire catering industry. .

At present, the market value of Haidilao has exceeded 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the rapid growth of stores continues. It is expected that the future growth potential of restaurant catering will still be available. The company’s current expansion strategy is mainly based on channel sinking, the encryption of second-tier city stores and the expansion of third-tier cities and below. It is estimated that the number of stores will reach 800 at the end of this year, and will reach 1,100 next year. The number of stores will reach 1800-2000 in the next five years. Standing at a new starting point, Haidilao is still expected to continue to expand and extend in the catering circuit, ushered in new developments.

The CITIC Jiantou Social Service team conducted in-depth and comprehensive research on the hot pot industry and Haidilao, explored the industry development pattern, the industrial chain situation, and the overall market space, and thoroughly studied and discussed the single-store model and store layout space of Haidilao. Core asset attributes, institutional positions, featured systems, and promotion of store managers provide a more comprehensive perspective for the study of the sea fishing and hot pot industry.