The movie box office score of “Qixian” dropped to 6.1 points after breaking 100 million Douban Points.

According to the official micro-blog of the film Xixian I, the box office of the film Xixian has broken 100 million yuan on its first day of release. The official micro-blog and poster congratulated the event.
On the first day of the show, the box office was over 100 million! Mid-Autumn Festival, people and months reunion, grow up on the road, thank you for your company.
However, the popularity of the film has been declining with the increase of the audience. Up to the time of writing, the film only got 6.1 points after 73 416 reviewers, which was 0.5 points lower than 6.6 points in 19849. Compared with the afternoon, the proportion of 5 stars decreased significantly, while the proportion of 2 stars and 3 stars increased significantly.


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