Argentina wins Serbia, the biggest enemy of the United States

He has become more and more fierce in the basketball World Cup. Argentina wins Serbia in the quarter-finals. It is very unexpected that the biggest enemy in the United States is so cold!
Before the game, Serbia was the biggest favourite in the World Cup. It ranked first in the FIBA’s strength list, and the group stage played an amazing offensive and defensive dominance. This team wants to have Jokic and Bogdanovic, and the whole team has to be deep and deep.

In the face of such a Serbia, even the United States team with excellent overall strength will be dwarfed. But it is such a strong Serbia, lost to the 39-year-old veteran Scola led by Argentina, is definitely a big upset.
In the warm-up match of the World Cup, Serbia has produced an amazing dominance, arbitrarily swaying its terrible talent and depth. After the start of the World Cup, the Serbian group match was even more powerful, playing the most dominant and most gorgeous overall basketball.

Serbia’s group match 105-59 victory over Angola 46 points, 126-67 wins the Philippines 59 points, 95-77 wins Italy 18 points. At this time, Serbia is the team with the strongest momentum. It seems that the World Cup champion has already been booked.

After the start of the semi-finals, Serbia’s first game was very smooth, but it was quickly taken by Spain and the World Cup first defeat. Serbia did not learn from the game lost to Spain. They are still slow in the game against Argentina and pay a price for it.


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