BMW man was reported to have stenched his feet and stretched them out of the car

Recently, acrobatic driving was staged on the streets of Zhangjiagang City. A driver stuck his foot out of the window while driving. An enthusiastic crowd filmed the scene. Some people joke that it’s so flexible, but how on earth is it driving?
On August 25, an enthusiastic crowd reported to the traffic police that a BMW was driving in a very “strange” position on Xiyan River Road in Haizhou District. After receiving the alarm, the traffic police first checked the picture, and then retrieved the vehicle’s trajectory. Looking at it carefully, the police were shocked by the picture of the driver driving.
Li Jian, a political propaganda brigade of the municipal traffic police detachment, said, “When you open it, you can see a BMW. The driver sticks his left foot out of the window while driving.”
How much is it that you can stick your left foot out of the window while driving? Once encountering an emergency, the driver can not operate the steering wheel accurately when changing lanes or braking suddenly, and there is a big potential safety hazard. On August 28, driver Ding Mou came to the city traffic police detachment for treatment.
Li Jian, a political work propaganda brigade of the municipal traffic police detachment, said: “According to the driver’s explanation, because the beriberi is very serious, during the driving process, the foot is extended out of the window for ventilation.”
Feet are uncomfortable. Let’s treat them first. It’s not necessary to drive like this. According to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, drivers shall not interfere with safe driving while driving. Finally, the driver was fined 50 yuan and the driver’s license was scored 2 points.


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