On the windy night road, its magic palm stretched out at night, and sporadic cars roared past. But I don’t know, there are still figures standing by the roadside at 桑拿广州 this time.
It was late autumn, the maple leaves on the trees were chattering. I took my friend’s hand and left happily. Behind me, a haggard figure waved his right hand and hoarsed, shouting, “Don’t play too long, come back before nine o’clock!” Mother stared at me, until turning the corner, I turned to her and shouted, “OK!” Mother abandoned the endless night.
Among my fellow scholars, rock music, loud laughter, the sound of bullets and bullets filled my ears, and naturally forgot that the nine o’clock bell had sounded.
A figure stood up, and a classmate suddenly panicked and said, “Yes, it’s nine forty now. I have to go.” As he spoke, he grabbed a handful of snacks, only to hear a chaotic sound of footsteps gradually disappearing into the corridor.
Suddenly, as if awakened, I couldn’t say another word, and rushed down the corridor like the previous one, and flew home.
Along the way, the autumn wind cut like a sharp knife. My face was frozen and purple. As I ran, I breathed a warm breath into my hand. A piece of maple leaves fell on my head. I inadvertently raised my head. The trees were almost bald, but a `maple Butterfly’sighed in the air and ran again.
It’s coming, it’s coming, but 深圳桑拿网 how should I tell my parents? I missed my appointment.
About 100 meters away from the gate of the community, I was so tired that I ran. I had to walk slowly, let the autumn wind blow.
After a few steps, a man stood at the door, watching from side to side, as if waiting for something. The curved figure seemed to stand there for a long time.
A few more steps forward, the dim street lamp, vaguely visible on the shoulders of the long hair, messy hair flying in the wind, waving, a thin brown coat under the cover of the thin and somewhat hunched back. Black pants, two feet moving back and forth in place, may be too cold, or as worried about me as my mother and anxious to wait for it.
Into, under the dusk lamp appeared my shadow, a gust of autumn wind swept, her dark long hair was blown on the forehead and cheeks, she found me, shrank hands, turned around, dim eyes full of joy. Mother, my mother!
Tears immediately poured into the orbit, glittering tears whirled around the orbit, whirled. My voice trembled and I whispered, “Mom.” Burying her head tightly, she reached out her right hand in her sleeve and touched my cheek. “Ah, my little face is frozen stiff! Come on, put on a dress.” She draped her brown coat over me. Her thin body was short of protection and seemed to be blown down by the autumn wind at any time. I looked up and stared at my mother. Her face was thin and red. I did not know how long she had been here, her hands were rough, her hands were cold and there was no temperature. She was old and her body was single after many 广州桑拿 vicissitudes of life. Thin.
I feel ashamed: if I did not go to my classmate’s home, how could my mother be sad here; if I got home on time, how could my mother be here in the wind and bitter, etc. Mother took my little hand. Behind her, in her thin figure, I saw a few shining silver wires, gray and tough. This is because of my dishonesty? Several maple leaves fell down and fell into the embrace of the earth mother.
Since then, I have never missed an appointment.

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