There is a sentence in my heart

Dream round, but, people go, empty building.
Do you remember the selfish me and the generous you?
Mother bought delicious food, 广州桑拿 because of your sister’s existence, I can only eat half of it. On New Year’s Day, the elders gave me blessings, as if they also gave you a lot. I am an only child, why my parents care to my cousin!
At that time, my only “dream” was to hit you, my sister.
Therefore, when I was a child, I often spoiled my parents, put you aside, let you do everything, but also arrogantly scold you, satirize you, sarcasm you.
But in return it was——
In the morning when the breeze stirs up, there is always a dressing table in front of which a well-dressed sister is gently and carefully dressing up for her baby sister with a smile. At that time, the naughty sister will hold up her wicked mouth, hold her long hair with her small hand, and watch her sister’s painful expression, then she will be bad. Bad let go. However, her ignorance, her ignorance, her capriciousness and unreasonable naughty, is that you forgive her again and again with your sister’s demeanor, just because she is your sister, cousin!
Now, my “dream” has come true. Finally, you don’t need to see the “annoying” you. In high school, you only come back once a month, and there are fewer people to quarrel with and spoil. But, why, I began to miss you? I don’t want to admit, I’m afraid to hear such a tone: “miss your sister! It’s right, who let you be a child.”
Yeah, when I was a kid, 深圳桑拿网 wasn’t that my only dream?
However, in the face of my heart, I want to say to you, sister, in fact, I miss you very much, always miss you. It’s just that my unspoken mouth doesn’t know how to express it.
Autumn is bitter. People are lonely.
It seems that my sister hasn’t come back for two months. Oh, no, it’s two months and five days! Autumn is coming. The oranges on the tree tops are red. Why doesn’t my sister even make a phone call? Is autumn the waiting season?
It’s Friday at last. As soon as school is over, I rush home to search for the things at home. But the original seal of the house makes my heart cool. Hasn’t my sister come back yet?
“Shuo, your sister called back today and said she bought you a lot of delicious food. She said she missed you very much.”
“When will she come back?”
Yeah, my sister is coming back today!
It was six o’clock and the 桑拿广州 night was coming, but my sister had not come back yet. I stared at the clock and saw the second hand slowly.
Will she come back?
It’s seven o’clock. It’s completely dark. I still don’t die. Maybe she’s delayed on the way? A motorcycle rings and my sister comes back! She rushes out and responds to me with empty alleys.
Time goes by minute by minute, leaving me farther and farther.
Sister, are you unwilling to help me realize such a small dream?
The bell sounded quietly at twelve o’clock. I rubbed my sad eyes and turned my eyes to the end of the distant path again. You’re sure to come back, aren’t you?
Is this your punishment for me, sister?
Sister, I really miss you. I miss you every minute and every second. I miss you all the time. I want to call my sister again, lose my temper again, and act like a spoiler again. Sister, I love you this sentence I have been in my heart for a long time.
Sister, please help me realize my dream again.
Sister, know or not, know or not.

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