Honesty is gold

From ancient times to today, people attach great importance to honesty. Confucius said, “If people don’t believe it, I don’t know if it is possible.” Jibu followed the principle of “one promise, one thousand gold” and saved him from disaster. 桑拿广州To this day, people often talk about “a gentleman can’t catch up with a horse”. Honesty accompanies our life, everywhere.
Once, Zhou Yun, sitting next to me in an English interest class, said to me, “Every Sunday afternoon I’m all right. Let’s go to the park at two o’clock next Sunday.” I hesitated, “No way! I’m at this time…” “Oh dear! That’s it!” she said hurriedly, afraid of my repentance. Alas! What about this? I have an art class at this time! “See you at the gate of the park on Sunday!” Zhou Yun waved to me – her mother came to pick her up.
Whether to go or not? Or not to go, I did not promise Zhou Yun, this is her own decision, go or not. But think again, can’t do that! What if she goes to the park and waits there? I bite my teeth – let’s go, art class is over.
Sunday came in a twinkling of an eye. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily. With an umbrella, I arrived at the gate of the park at two o’clock on time. But if you wait left and right, you can’t see Zhou Yun. I looked anxiously at my watch. It was half past two! I was irritable and anxious, but I had to wait boredly. Two forty, two fifty, three, three thirty, four… I waited until 4:30 and did not see Zhou Yun’s shadow, so I went home sadly and helplessly.
Finally, the next English lesson came. I asked Zhou Yun angrily, “Why didn’t you go to the park on Sunday?” 深圳桑拿网Zhou Yun said lightly, “It’s raining too much.” “What! I’ve been waiting for you for two and a half hours!” I exclaimed. “Cut! You’re so silly! It’s silly of you to come after such a heavy rain!” She looked at me and said casually. I am very angry that Zhou Yun should be so dishonest! From then on, I no longer pay attention to Zhou Yun. Later, in two English classes, Zhou Yun seemed to see my abnormality and took the initiative to talk to me, but I still ignored her, thinking: she even did not abide by what she said, but also so ignored my feelings, such a person is not worth deep acquaintance.
A month has passed and I have been ignoring her. Just this weekend, the art teacher of the interest class notified my mother by short message that I would take part in the art competition. The time is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, while the English class is from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. But the English teacher said he had to ask for leave if he didn’t attend class. I look at my watch, 广州桑拿ah! It’s time in ten minutes! I think: don’t ask for leave. So, my mother took me “fly” to the competition site. Suddenly, Zhou Yun appeared in front of me. She was rushing to the English class. I asked my mother to stop and shouted to Zhou Yun, “Hello! Zhou Yun!” Zhou Yun turned around. In spite of the previous unpleasant situation, I said impatiently, “Please take a leave with my teacher for me!” Zhou Yun readily agreed.
As soon as I arrived, I regretted that I was late. If I didn’t talk to Zhou Yun, I would not be late. Anyway, it’s all in vain. Zhou Yun is a man of no credit.
When I went to my English class on the second Saturday, the teacher asked me, “What did I do last week?” I whispered, “I went to a drawing competition. Sorry, I didn’t ask for leave.” The teacher was somewhat surprised: “Didn’t you ask Zhou Yun to help you with your leave?” Ah! Zhou Yun helped me with my leave? I can’t believe it. After class, I laughed and took Zhou Yun’s hand. “Thank you for asking for leave.” Zhou Yun said embarrassingly, “That’s the right time.”
We walked into the sunshine, the dazzling light shining on Zhou Yuntou’s hair card.

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