I really want to grow up like this.

When I was a child, I learned to speak in my mother’s arms, and my mother’s smile was pulled by my tender voice. With the help of my mother, I bumped forward, and my mother’s confidence was swelled by my staggering steps. With the encouragement of my mother, I danced on the stage, and my mother’s eyes were moistened by the flying look.
Growing up, I sang a beautiful 广州桑拿nursery rhyme to open the door for my mother at work, said “Good night” sweetly to her mother before going to bed, sneaked downstairs in the early morning sunshine, polished her shoes with napkins, and wiped my brain when she found me naughty in the house and searched wildly. The soap bubbles on the spoon, holding up the socks in her hand, laughed and ran to her mother with an idiotic smile: “Mom, look at the socks I washed!” At those times, my mother always loved to hold me and narrowed her eyes into a soft crescent moon.
On the first day of junior high school, more and more friends, the longer people are, the higher, but I see less and less comfortable mother’s smile. I often make mistakes and get scolded 深圳桑拿网by my mother. At the parents’meeting, the mother always said, “Never go, anyway, every time you listen to scolding.” My heart is sour and astringent: alas, when I grow up, I become so lovely.
In the second year of junior high school, I often see my mother’s haggard and sad face, full of anxiety and worry eyes. She feared that I would follow the “bad” children to do “rock-shattering” things; she feared that I would secretly fall in love; she feared that I would leave my schoolbag and run around; she feared that I was out of line, afraid to see my extraordinary dress… This torrential worry turned into endless nagging and reassuring “tracking” of my mother, which directly led me to rebel and start to talk back. For some time, I always could not calm down to study. Every time I mentioned my pen, what I thought about was the playground, playground, pop songs, QQ chat, screaming… This crazy period lasted for nearly half a semester until the day the school gave a Thanksgiving speech.
It was a speech for two whole classes. It was like magic, more like an electric current, which strongly impacted on my willfulness, indulgence, indifference and vulnerability at that time. It tore apart the coldness of my camouflage and made every nerve feel the sting of my heart. It was like a sharp arrow that pierced the “black hole” in my heart. It made me look at the ugliness of my growth 桑拿广州path and rediscovered the fragmentary beauty of my mother’s aging process. I touched my mother’s rough skin, slender fishtail lines, grey and white hair… Tears on my face could not stop falling: I am very sorry for you, my mother, I am not only no longer cute, but also so abominable when I grow up – how many hearts you broke for me, how many tears you shed, and I, while abandoning myself, brutally stabbed you in the wound again and again! You must have not felt it for a long time. My love for you; you must miss the daughter who still sticks to you to sleep no matter how hot the summer is; you must miss the time when I pulled you to sing nursery rhymes.
I wantonly follow the growth of sex, and you always guard the description of haggard.
Mother, I know that when I was a child, I was very lovely, and only let you shed happy tears; but when I grew up, I was selfish and always let you shed sad tears on numerous occasions.
Mother, when I was young, you accompanied me to grow up and study; when I grow up, please let me accompany you to grow old and to accompany you to happiness. No matter how many storms have passed in my life, you will always be my strong reason; no matter how long we go, I will strive in one direction – I will be your eternal pride.

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