Principal’s Practical Activities

My parents gave me life, but my teachers gave me knowledge and strength. In my heart, the teacher is the embodiment of wisdom, the source of strength, the harbor of love.
From elementary school to junior high school, there are many good teachers, among which the most respected and memorable one is our headmaster, Mr. Wu Lixin. He is really a good teacher. Far from saying, take our annual labor skills practice in Zhangjiashan Tea Farm for example, his care for us far exceeds the love of parents, and left me a deep impression.
In the morning, he always comes深圳桑拿网 to us for the first time, chatting with us and helping us to pick tea. This is how he tries to understand the students’voice while working. It’s time for dinner. He always wants us to eat right away. If one of his classmates hasn’t eaten, let him know, he will pay his money to buy something for his classmates to eat. He goes to see our life every day. Once, somehow, our cooking pot broke and the time for dinner was approaching. When he heard the news, he turned around and left. Soon, he came back. The pot and sweat in his hands explained everything. He appreciated the hardship of working and the voice of students. He also bought rice and vegetables for us during the day of working. To improve his life, everywhere reveals his meticulous and kind love.
Usually he looks so cold! After getting along with you, you will find that he is serious and mild, easy-going and without losing his teacher’s way. He is careful, decisive and trustworthy in handling affairs. He is also very methodological and tactical, 桑拿广州and never deals with them according to his subjective assumptions. His style of work is also appreciated and admired by students. He always said that he would do it. No matter how difficult it is, he would try his best to realize it and never change it at will.
In many specific details of his work, Principal Wu is a model for all teachers and students. One night last winter, one of the eighth grade students was in the hospital because of illness. He accompanied the teacher in charge of his class in the hospital until late at night, taking care of the student to take medicine. By the end of the infusion, everything was in order, and it was early the next morning. When teachers and students know this situation, they are all moved by it. He put school work and the healthy growth of students in the first place.
Since he became president of our school, he has done a lot of practical things for the development of our school and the cultivation of talents, and has made great contributions to the construction of our school. There are many students in our school who are in a bad situation and can’t afford to pay tuition fees. Mr. Wu thinks in his eyes that he is trying to apply to his superiors for financial aid to poor students. As long as there are policy conditions that can alleviate students’economic burden, he will strive hard to solve many practical problems for many poor students in our school.
He also designed many programs to cultivate students’interests and hobbies. He called on all classes to set up various interest activity groups, so that students with different specialties have their own platform for activities. He also vigorously strengthened the campus environment and style of study in our school, and organized many activities beneficial to us. He not only asks us to study cultural knowledge hard, but also asks us to广州桑拿 constantly strengthen our moral cultivation. In his words, “first adults, then talents, good will quality for life”. These teachings have laid a good ideological foundation for our future development.
Like our relatives, he cares for us all the time. He tries his best to help us. He wants us to be successful and have less frustration and smoother life in the future.
He is such a good principal who devotes all his efforts to the overall work of the school.

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