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There is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. This summer vacation, I came to Hangzhou, which is full of trees and picturesque scenery. Needless to say, the first attraction you visited was of course the West Lake.
Approaching the West Lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides, the mountains are wrapped in a gauze-like mist, and the mountains are hazy, which makes people suspect that there is a fairyland ahead, which is fascinating. I looked up at the tall willows on the shore of the lake. Her soft hair was covered with trees. The color was emerald and jasper. The breeze slowly came and the willows swayed lightly, just like a beautiful girl dancing in a gentle manner. I walk in the shade, listening to cicadas and warblers, really worthy of “Liu Lang Wen Ying”!
On the shore, our group traveled to the small island in the lake by Cruise boat, sat in the cruise boat and looked at the distance. The sun in the sky sifted the golden sunshine like a sieve on the lake. It was sparkling and glittering. It was like putting on golden clothes for the West Lake. No wonder that Su Shi praised “the water is bright and sunny”. Picture boats and leaf boats float on the lake in a leisurely way. They are really “boating on the blue waves”. Bridges are so relaxing that I feel like I’m in fairyland. As soon as the boat touched the shore, I rushed off the boat and ran along the lakeside path, Huaxinting Pavilion, Huagang Fish Watching, Santan Yinyue… These once familiar sceneries are presented in front of my eyes, and they are absolutely amazing.
Crossing the curved stone path and the primitive stone arch bridge, we came to the wind load of Quyuan. Lotus blossom a lot, lotus leaves are squeezed, like a large green disc. The red lotus rose out of the middle. Some just spread out two or three petals, it seems that there is a big secret inside; some petals are all unfolded, holding noble head, standing very high; some are still flower bones, but full, but soon to “pout” out laughter; some petals have withered, leaving only a small green lotus bulb… I sprinkled some water on the lotus leaves. The water droplets jumped on the lotus leaves like shining pearl diamonds, they kept rolling happily, even the lotus leaves could not help shaking their heads. The droplets of water rolled more and more fat, finally fat enough to roll, lying in the center of the lotus leaf rest. The scenery of the West Lake is so beautiful that it is no exaggeration to compare the West Lake to the West Lake. It is like a crystal ball. Every turn, new scenery and surprise can be found. It’s amazing. I like the beautiful West Lake.
The next day, I came to Zhouzhuang, a water town in the southwest of Suzhou, surrounded by water. Zhouzhuang, formerly known as Zhenfengli, has a history of more than 900 years. It is a typical ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River and has a unique and simple folkway. “Water” is of course a major feature here. Blue water surrounds the whole Zhouzhuang, and the “well” shaped river runs through the ancient town, dividing the town into “lattice flowers”. The River links the ancient town with the adjacent lake water, giving people a feeling of “lane in water, town in lake”. As the breeze blew, the stone bridges, houses, green trees and blue sky on the shore reflected in the flowing water one by one.
Bridge is another characteristic of Zhouzhuang. There are more than a dozen bridges built in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties alone. These stone arch bridges with different shapes, various shapes and crisscross the banks of the river.
Walking along the narrow lane, along all the ancient houses in the south of the Yangtze River with a pink wall and Daiwa, they are simple and elegant. Among these ancient houses, Zhouzhuang’s “hall” is well-known. There are Zhang Hall, Shen Hall… Some representative halls. There are many small rooms, a stream and a small pond in Zhang Hall. There is a boat parked on the stream. It calls the boat to pass through the house and the sedan chair to go forward through the door. This is the most distinctive view of Zhang Hall. It shows that their family is very rich and the place is very large. Shen Hall covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. There are more than 100 rooms and rooms. There are two big stones in it. One stone is weather stone. It can predict the weather. When it’s sunny, the stone is very dry. When it rains, it will be very wet. The other one is very like a ferret stone. It is said that touching it will bring you good luck. I have felt it very well. More time, hope to bring me good luck, haha.
The water and Bridge in Zhouzhuang constitute a beautiful picture of “small bridge, running water and other people”, which is really a fairyland on earth. No wonder the foreigners who have passed Zhouzhuang on the island all call Zhouzhuang “Venice of the East!” A painter once said, “Huangshan concentrates on the beauty of national famous mountains, Zhouzhuang concentrates on the beauty of national water towns.” Indeed, Zhouzhuang is a kind of simple and honest beauty. The beauty of Zhouzhuang is a kind of “returning to the original” beauty.

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