Remember a Birthday

Everyone has his own birthday. Everyone’s birthday is different. Now let me tell you my birthday.
Looking forward to 365 days before the annual celebration, this is enough to show that this day is extraordinary. When I was a child, I was still one month away from my birthday, but every day I read how many days I could eat delicious birthday cake and unwrap birthday gifts. When the colorful candles slowly lit up, my hands tightly grasped. After making a sweet and unknown wish, with one breath, all childlike innocence and happiness blossomed in an instant. What a beautiful day it was.
The most profound birthday I remember was the day when I was 6 years old. It was the moment when my parents, who had a good family, ordered a big birthday cake for me and specifically called the photographer to fix it for us. So, a cake, a happy family of three, a classic Happy Birthday, a wall of proud awards, a few warm wishes, became the most unforgettable scene in my heart. I remember that even the photographer couldn’t help exclaiming that your family was really happy.
However, happy times are always short. With the growth of age and the wrinkles of parents gradually climbing up their foreheads, birthdays seem to have become an indispensable extraordinary day. Every birthday since then, I have never enjoyed that warm memory again.
Still remember, that was when I was in junior high school. Because at that time, I was unrestrained, always provoking trouble, and always did not get along well with my classmates. On my birthday, I went to the classroom under the pressure of my excitement, hoping that a friend would jump out at some intersection and say to me, “Happy Birthday!” But how many of me who hardly even have friends can understand my mind? So, from morning to night, watching the people around me come and go, how I want to see them come and go from me. Tell someone, “Today is my birthday!” Ah, but I never said it, for the last bit of self-esteem to survive. When I finally walked out of the classroom, my heart turned upside down, my head shrugged, and I felt like a balloon running. I feel like crying when I think of my birthday and the scene when I was 6 years old.
Before I arrived at the dormitory door, suddenly a classmate gently told me, “Your father is here.” I was shocked. Murphy. I pulled out my legs and rushed in. I was greeted by 13 classmates’faces and a weather-beaten but familiar face. “Happy Birthday!” This sentence almost burst out from their mouth at the same time. I was stunned for a moment and did not know what to say. “Dad, I thought so.” “What do you think? Fool, I remember your birthday!” A warm wind blew, and I felt like crying again. “What are you doing?” the students asked with concern. “It’s all right. My eyes are in the sand.” “Why don’t you tell us about your birthday?” “It’s just how boring it is to celebrate your birthday alone!” Do you know, my classmates, how happy I am now?
That is, from that day on, I learned to get along with others and interact with others.
To be honest, from childhood to childhood, my parents were busy, but my birthday never fell. There is no red and green cake. There is no moving music, there is only a gentle blessing. Today, I found that it was so beautiful! When parents were young, because their families were poor, sometimes they couldn’t open the pot at all, no matter whether their birthday or not, until today they had a good living conditions, they had this wonderful festival. I also remember that I remember my parents’birthdays. On their birthdays, I also gave them gifts and blessings. I will never forget the joy and comfort on their faces. In this way, I seem to be back to the day of my birthday, back to our warm and happy family of three. He taught us to love each other better!
This is my unique birthday. Is it special?

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