My Campus Life

Looking at the dense night in the campus, I can not help but frown and daydream.
I grew up almost here and treated it as if it were my home. My good friend came to me and we talked happily. How happy it was. Seven years of school time, let me make many good friends, naive, lively, smart, lovely. I treat them as my relatives, but occasionally, we also have conflicts, just like the last few days.
As usual, our five intimate friends came together, but the team of five was divided into two parts. My best friend was walking with two classmates. I had to walk with another good friend of mine. We had a good time talking and laughing. It was nothing at all, but what happened later was off track. I found that since that incident, I haven’t talked much to her, and she doesn’t pay much attention to me, but I don’t care much about it. In this way, the gloomy day passed, my heart was heavy, I do not know why.
The next day, it rained cats and dogs, and I still didn’t say a word to her. When we were in class, the unknown finally came. My good friend’s face was depressed. When her classmates asked her, she blamed me. I couldn’t help wondering. She blamed me for ignoring her since yesterday, and I retorted, “Why should you blame me me for ignoring me first?” So she said, I said, we had a heated argument. The students managed to stop our argument. But I felt more and more wronged and cried on the table.
In this way, we haven’t spoken for several days. It’s a pain in my heart to see that my best friend of the past is now strangers to me. I couldn’t bear to see this, so I wrote a letter about my apology for her, and all kinds of thoughts in my heart, entrusted to her. Soon, she wrote back to me, and she apologized. In this way, a pair of good friends were reconciled as before.
I chatted with my good friend. “Ding, Ding, Ding” class bell rang, we rushed back to their seats, correct sitting posture, waiting for class.
The teacher came in.
Memories of clear memories, and jumped into the mind. Just stepped into the gate of junior high school, green faces burst into my sight. Walking into the new classroom, my nervous mood made it difficult for me to move. When I came to the desk next to the platform to receive the entrance form, I saw my first teacher in junior high school. I was deeply impressed by the exquisite features and the kind face. Small curly hair, slightly inclined bangs, so I still remember. The teacher’s kind smile has made me unforgettable so far. The teacher spoke to my sister and me in a friendly voice. I have to say that my impression of the teacher is very good.
Teachers often teach us to “fail, sum up experience, and come back.” But I’ve failed because of a blow. In a big exam, I lost badly, which undoubtedly gave me a heavy blow. I sat in my seat and was very sad. Over the next few days, I was totally depressed and listless. The teacher couldn’t look at me anymore. He called me out and began to guide me. The teacher gave me a detailed analysis of the reasons, and asked me to show a smile, optimistic in the face of success or failure in life.
I went back to my seat and I didn’t remember the next move, but I remember that it was the first time I smiled in a low mood, albeit reluctantly. From then on, I kept in mind the teacher’s teachings, worked hard, and finally achieved excellent results in the next large-scale examination.
To this day, I still remember that remark and that smile clearly.
In retrospect, I hold a pen, the corners of my mouth open a radian, and continue to bury my head in learning.

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