Our “boss”

Thank you for teaching us too much truth through your actions. You have taught us what it means to lead by example and to dedicate selflessly.
Before the word “teacher” was a terrible pronoun in my mind. It was so frightening to hear that I never dared to spend half a minute in front of my eyes when I saw it after class.
The first time I saw you, I was assigned to your class when I was in a shift. At that time, listening to other teachers call you “boss”, can not help but tremble all over. Teachers call you boss, so we are not totally resistant to you? Looking at you in your fifties, you have bald hair in front, a surprisingly large voice, a surprisingly confident face. At that time, looking at the other two classes of head teachers, one beautiful, one kind, I was considering whether to change classes. When I said this to you, you said to me in a loud voice, “Don’t change. Stay here!” The smile seemed to say, “No one can escape, little boy.”
Slowly contact with you, you seem to really become our boss, when a classmate was bullied by other classes, you even rushed up like a child to fight, but also aggressively told him: “If I let me know you are bullying our class, I see you play once.” You have shown us by your actions that we are collective and that although the way is a little violent, it does not affect your position in our hearts at all. You said, “Everyone can be in one class, which is fate. If someone bullies us, I don’t mind if you give it back. But if you bully others, I won’t care what others do to you.” This is our boss, the bully boss.
The eldest brother never lacked the gentle side. At that time, every monthly exam in the three classes was the first steady one. Do you really think we were diligent? You’re wrong. At that time, our eldest brother was not at school, so we couldn’t even go to school early every day. No matter what other teachers called at the door, we pretended that we couldn’t hear and could not blame the public, so we didn’t get punished too much.
Later, the boss knew about it. When criticism was invalid, it was decided to call us in person every day. Old people are more than 5,000 meters away from school, but in that winter, at 5:40 every day, there will always be electric brake sound at the door of our dormitory. When the brake sound comes, we will know that we are going to get up. That brake is 100 times more than the school bell.
Of course, sometimes the eldest brother will come late. When the brakes sound, we get up and find that class is about to begin. The first thing you do is not to blame us for not waking up late every day, but to tell us to go and have dinner quickly. That morning self-study class sits in the room and has a warm meal. English teachers all say that we are the best and gentlest class you bring. Every evening we go home after self-study and get up so early in the morning.
Later, the eldest teacher was having a class for the third grade of junior middle school. He felt uncomfortable. The headmaster advised him to go home and have a look at his body. But you said you couldn’t spare us and just had a rest. But the illness is getting worse and worse. You fell in the office.
Boss, although you only took us for one year, we really miss you. We are also the last students you took. Thank you. How is your son’s home now?

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