It’s good to get out of here.

Life sometimes goes into the dilemma of the soul. It’s very difficult to get out of it, but I believe that once out, it’s really good!
Time is like water, gone forever. In June, our sixth graders parted ways. In September, it was really fragmented. Originally I missed it very much, but now a piece of rubble hit my softest place, so that I no longer have any nostalgia! Occasionally wandering far away, the only indulgence is in this short daydream.
Two hours ago——
I looked at the cars on both sides and hurried to the bookstore across the street. “Not yet…” Looking at the strange faces in the bookstore, I sat in the doorway a little disappointed and quietly waited for her to appear. But again, I was disappointed that twenty minutes later, there was still no sign of her. I looked up and tried to search among the crowds, but it turned out to be futile. I slowly stood up and went to the public telephone. “Look for her? She went out to the movies with her classmates. You’re her primary school classmate when I called this morning?”Listening to the cold girl, I hung up the phone gently, turned around and left slowly, and my eyes quickly turned red. Then I ran like hell…
I closed the door and sat alone in bed. In the darkness of the space, my tears drop down. Memories of the past surge in… Those so-called good friends come to me whenever they have something. I always try my best to help them. I can lend them all I own when they have no money. I can… But they never think about me! Just like just now, she obviously borrowed my book, and had played me once before watching a movie. Yesterday, I made an appointment and “stood up the pigeons”. I felt that my primary school classmates really had nothing to miss, and I seemed to inadvertently walk into some dark place.
Suddenly, a gust of wind came, the curtains were blowing elegantly, and a ray of sunshine slid past my eyes. I was surprised: “Wow! It finally stopped raining and the sun came out!” I jumped out of bed quickly and ran downstairs. When I came downstairs, I reached out and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine. A burst of fragrance flew into my nose, I looked sideways, ah! Osmanthus blossoms are all open! Golden sunshine, golden osmanthus, and all the golden scenery bathed in the sun. I look out and see that everything is bright, bright and full of vitality. In an instant, all this with the sunshine swept away the haze in my heart and illuminated the confused place.
Smile in the sunshine, don’t think too much, your good people will see; Smile in the sunshine, enjoy unforgettable memories, feel your friends are good to you; Smile in the sunshine, learn to tolerate, cherish six years of accumulated friendship, grasp the future harvest sincerely.
Instantaneous feeling accompanied by the sunshine, such as water vapor slowly dispersed, the heart of resentment gradually disappeared, depressing mind seems to brighten up. The light replaced the darkness before, leaving only a quiet heart lake, sparkling ripples ripple slightly.
Just then, the phone rang, and I looked at it, it was her. I put my cell phone in my ear and there was a quick apology and a crying voice. I laughed and answered in a relaxed tone, “It’s all right. I know you don’t have a good memory. I’ll make another appointment next time. Well, I’m not angry with you. Goodbye.”
Put down the phone, raise my head, I feel a burst of emotion: come out, really good!

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