Cardiopulmonary resuscitation trip

On the afternoon of Wednesday, the Sun’s father, who had not seen for a long time, showed his face. Shen Qihan’s mother, an intensive care unit’s medical staff, walked into our five (10) class and brought us “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”, which caused everyone’s groggy brain to “recover” immediately.

At the beginning, when I heard “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”, I felt incredible. This is a trick that can be revived. How can we learn from the average person? I only heard Shen Shen said: “This is actually a simple and important one. Rescue work, a simple action you can take a life from the hands of death.” Subsequently, Shen mother told us the danger of the heart stop beating: three seconds will lead to black Mongolia, ten seconds will make people suddenly Falling to the ground, respiratory failure after a minute, after four minutes will lead to cell death, and after six minutes, people will die. God! I didn’t expect our life to be so fragile. It is no wonder that Shen mother said that more than three million people in China will die each year because of cardiac arrest. The golden time of rescue is only six minutes, which makes me deeply feel the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Ms. Shen vividly told us about the first-aid knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the demonstration of cardiac resuscitation before the podium. We all listened attentively and didn’t dare to look at it, lest we miss any details. What we are most interested in is the hands-on practice. Everyone is scrambling to raise their hands, hoping to experience the cardiopulmonary resuscitation in person. It’s a pity! I didn’t grab the chance. Shen Mama invited another classmate to come up to be a patient. She asked the classmate to lie on the mat, shouted aloud in his ear, then put his finger in front of his nose and put the other hand on his pulse, saying: “If the patient is found When there is no breathing or heartbeat, we must hurry to call the surrounding people, call 120 assistance calls, and then rescue the patient.” I saw Shen mother quickly open the patient’s mouth and check if there is any foreign body in the mouth. Then put the patient steady, head up in the sky, untie the classmate’s shirt, find the intersection of the nipple and the thoracic vertebrae, open the left hand, make a fist in the right hand, and press down with your own weight. I was a little nervous when I saw this. I don’t know how much strength Shen mother would use to press. Seeing her look should be very hard. Just listen to her and say, “Be sure to press down to a depth of five centimeters. If you have the conditions, press 30 times. It is necessary to perform two artificial respirations.” “Artificial respiration? No, it is too difficult, how to breathe?” With questions, I stared at Shen mother tightly, only to hear Shen mother said: “Artificial respiration, First, we must hold the other’s nose, then take a deep breath, use the force of the milk to push the patient’s mouth to the mouth, and then see if the patient’s chest is up and down, if not, repeat it. The work will make people feel particularly tired, but in order to save lives, we must stick to it until the breathing of the rescuer begins to turn or the ambulance arrives!” Shen said aloud. Oh, I suddenly realized that it is not easy to do artificial respiration!

Unconsciously, the bell rang in the class, and Shen’s words echoed in our ears. We reluctantly sent away Shen’s mother. This is really an extraordinary lesson. We not only learned the first aid of heart resuscitation, but also understood the importance of helping others at critical moments, and moved by the doctor’s sacred image of saving the wounded and dying!

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