These people cancel their holidays on May 1st

This year’s may day off for five days in a row
This is the first time that the policy of big and small long holidays has been implemented for many years!
Important reminder
May Day holiday is coming,
April 26 (this Sunday)
May 9 (next Saturday)
To work!
Holiday arrangements
May 1 (Friday)
To May 5 (Tuesday)
Off for 5 days!
Let’s remind our partners
Holiday arrangement in 2020
Notice on the specific arrangement of the holidays for 2020 labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, national day and Mid Autumn Festival is as follows:
Labor Day: 5 days off from May 1 to 5. Go to work on Sunday, April 26 and Saturday, May 9.
Dragon Boat Festival: from June 25 to 27, there are three days off. Go to work on Sunday, June 28.
National Day and Mid Autumn Festival: from October 1 to 8, there are 8 days off. September 27 (Sunday), October 10 (Saturday).
During the holidays, all regions and departments shall properly arrange the work of duty, safety and security. In case of any major emergency, they shall timely report and properly handle it according to the regulations, so as to ensure the people to spend the holidays peacefully and safely.
The staff put desks in the classroom of Huizhou No.1 middle school. Photo by Tang Yuhang, reporter of Huizhou daily
May Day holiday for junior and senior students
After the Provincial Department of education made clear the time for students to return to school in the spring semester of 2020, on April 19, our city issued the emergency notice on the preparations for students to return to school in the spring semester of 2020 in combination with the actual situation, set up a special class for work, and comprehensively deployed the work of returning to school. At the same time of refining various tasks, the Municipal Bureau of education also launched the “Huizhou spring semester 2020 return to school Q & a”, which takes the form of one question one answer for all aspects involved in the return to school, responding to social concerns one by one.
“Q & a” clearly, according to the notice of the superior, in order to ensure that the total class hours of the students are not reduced and avoid increasing the risk of cross infection on the way back to school at weekends, after the students of grade three and grade three return to school, “May Day” holiday is not allowed, and the school organizes teaching guidance, physical exercise and other activities; after the school returns to school in the whole city, the boarding school suggests to take a holiday every two weeks.
Finally, I would like to remind you
The long holiday is coming and the epidemic is not over,
Don’t “let yourself go”
Remember Mozart
Do a good job in personal protection,
To enjoy a good time!