Zhao Benshan responds to immigration

Due to the recent policy of restricting foreign stars from shooting films and TV plays in China, star immigration has become a hot topic again. In the morning of March 23, a “star immigration record” appeared on the Internet. In addition to “exposing many star immigrants such as Zhang Tielin and Jiang Dawei,” Zhao Benshan’s family immigrated to Canada “also attracted people’s attention. Whether Zhao Benshan has emigrated or not has become a hot topic.
Cover reporter immediately called Zhao Benshan. Zhao Benshan exclusively responded to the reporter and denied the immigration rumors: “no, it’s a fake. I have never immigrated. My family’s registered permanent residence is now in Liaoning! “
According to the cover news reporter, rumors about Zhao Benshan’s emigration have been passed on for many years. As early as June 2011, media reported that Zhao Benshan had been approved to immigrate to Canada and intended to settle in Toronto.
Later, the reporter learned from interviews with relevant people in Liaoning that Zhao Benshan’s family accounts are all in Liaoning.
Zhao Benshan said that I have not immigrated to any country. I love China, white mountains and black soil in the northeast, and Lianhua village, the hometown of Tieling. Why should I immigrate when our country is developing so well? I will always be Chinese!
Cover reporter interviewed Liu Shuangping, artistic director of Benshan media by telephone, he said: “old rumors! Mr. Zhao did not immigrate. His registered permanent residence and ID card are still in Liaoning.