Why not wear masks in Italy

Up to March 21st, novel coronavirus pneumonia in Italy has been diagnosed in 53578 cases. After the proclamation of the closure of the state on March 10, it became one of the difficulties for the government to gather people outside without permission. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was not serious in the eyes of the ordinary people, who was interviewed by the video on the eve of the outbreak.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 5560 cases in Italy within 24 hours as of 18 hours local time 22, and 59138 cases were diagnosed nationwide, 5476 cases died and 7024 cases were cured. Of the 46638 confirmed cases, 3009 were severe and 23783 were isolated at home.
The earliest outbreak occurred in October last year or in Italy. Why is no one paying attention to it? Expert response
According to observer.com, Giuseppe ramuzi, a well-known Italian medical expert, said that the first family doctors carefully found that the severe pneumonia they were exposed to was different from the common flu. They saw the virus in October, November and December, so it’s been around for a long time.
When asked why no one is aware of the dangers of the virus, experts say, for one reason: it’s a new thing; for another, experts disagree.
It is worth noting that Giuseppe ramuzi is the director of the famous Mario Negri Institute of pharmacology in Italy and even in Europe. Previously, in an interview with the national public broadcasting network (NPR), the statement was made when asked why Italy was “caught off guard” after the outbreak on February 21 was revealed.
“Ramuzzi said he heard from the doctor now. “They remember seeing this strange pneumonia, very serious, especially in the elderly, in December and even November,” he said. “This means that the virus has spread at least in northern Lombardy, Italy, before we know about the outbreak in China.”