My father

My father is a real peasant.
Maybe it’s difficult to define peasants now, because we can’t make a simple summary of the largest group in China. Since ancient times, the peasants have had an indissoluble bond with the land. It is the peasants who have the complex of shearing the land. In this sense, I said that my father was a genuine peasant. Father never left his land in his life. Although he tried to make some efforts in the world outside the land, all of them ended in failure. Only the land, let his life have a little bright color.
Father was born with the founding of the Republic. This generation witnessed and experienced almost all the political and economic disasters in New China, the Great Leap Forward Movement in the 1950s, the natural disasters in the 1960s, and the subsequent Cultural Revolution. Of course, they also experienced the sweetness and bitterness of reform and opening up. They are a group of people who witnessed the course of China’s establishment and development. This generation has made various efforts and explorations for New China, including the peasants who live and manage land silently.
As the father of farmers, childhood and youth can be said to be full of frustrations and misfortunes. Putting aside the poverty and hardship of the peasants themselves, it is a natural and man-made disaster one after another. For him, it is too much and too heavy. In my memory, my father talked more than once about the hardships and hardships of his childhood. He said that this kind of hardship and hardship directly caused his failure in trying to get rid of the land by reading books – his father only read primary school textbooks intermittently for three years.
My father did a lot of things when he was young. Father said that Grandpa was a very intelligent man. He wrote good words and worked as a social strategist. He was a small number of Party members at that time. In those years, the Great Leap Forward made mistakes in order to avoid the fate of starvation for several of its children, and was disqualified from office and membership. From then on, Grandpa took his father and they started a business. The so-called “business” is pushing a wheelbarrow from Weishan Lake to Zaozhuang. Grandpa and father used a unicycle to drive the family through their hard times. Later, when Grandpa was old enough to push the unicycle, his father went to the drilling team alone and polished his youth there.
Father is not a safe man, he likes to walk around, but my birth changed his attitude and way of life. I was born with China’s reform and opening up. That year, my father left the drilling team, returned to my mother and me, and dealt with the land safely. The spring breeze of reform and opening up bathed in the border towns of his hometown, and his father’s uneasy heart moved again. He joined forces with a brother of his family to buy a motor tricycle and start a food business. They go out early and return late every day, shuttle in villages and towns near or far, buy all kinds of grain, and then sell it in places near or far away. At the beginning, business was good. Although his father was very hard at that time, he was very happy in his heart. He was good at planning and had many new ideas. He said that when he had money in the future, he would cultivate his own fish or rabbits. But things didn’t go as smoothly as he thought. My brother, who was doing business with his father, burned his leg in a car accident and injured the tricycle. Business had to stop. At that time, when the loan was approaching, my father had to sell his car and pay off his debt: his dream was shattered.
But his father was not discouraged. Shortly after that, he contracted a depression in the village, which he said would be turned into a fish pond. So that cold winter became warmer because of another dream of my father. I can still remember clearly every morning when my father waved shovels and picks in the hollow with bare arms. Father’s high pickaxe and his sweaty shoulders glowed with hope in the winter sunshine. That’s how my father dug out a big fish pond with his own sweat. In the first year of fish farming, my father did not know where to buy fish fry. It took a lot of trouble to find out where to sell fish fry. When the fish fry was bought and put into the pond, it was found that the water in the pond was too seepage. It was beyond my father’s expectation. That’s what my father did, and he never had the habit of arguing carefully. This made him suffer a lot. But at last the fish were raised. My father spent half a day there, watching the fish swimming in the water, looking forward to the harvest day. Father’s heart must have been full of desire at that time. He always smiled and silently fed and changed the water for the fish. He never dared to slacken a bit, but something unexpected happened. This summer, there were three days and three nights of heavy rain, and floods on the mountains. Father watched the fish that were about to be harvested in the pond swim away with the flood. Father cried. He regretted that he hadn’t prepared his nets and bars earlier and had been lying at home in pain for several days. Our family’s mood has made the rain wet this summer.

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