Astronomy leader’s infection

Grandpa Han Tianqi is 98 years old. Due to the infection of coronary pneumonia, the hospital issued a critical notice, hoping to find the recovered plasma. A type. ” Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported on the evening of February 23rd, which was worrying about the plasma of the new champion pneumonia. The writer’s name is Han Shijun. According to her confirmation, Grandpa Han Tianqi, an astronomer, won the medal of the Republic on the 70th anniversary of the National Day in 2019.
Han Shijun revealed that his grandfather, Han Tianqi, had a fever on February 10. On February 12, he was diagnosed and admitted to Wuhan Xiehe cancer hospital. In February 23rd, novel coronavirus pneumonia was suddenly called by the hospital, and organ failure was expected.
Although Han Tianqi is nearly 100 years old, he can walk on his own and take care of himself. “I don’t know. It’s all of a sudden these days…” Han Shijun said.
In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Han Shijun released a news report on the A plasma of the new crown pneumonia patient in February 23rd at 18:10.
At 19:49, Han Shijun once again said through her circle of friends that she had been contacted by friends who had recovered, but she still had to ask about the process at the hospital. Because the blood products had to be processed first, she had to wait and listen to the doctor.
As of the press release, Han and her family were also waiting for further information from Han.
According to the public information, Han Tianqi is an astronomer and a cartographer. One of the founders of astrogeodesy in China has made an important contribution to the theory and practice of astrogeodesy. One of the pioneers in the study of astrogeodynamics in China has made important achievements in the research of world time service, earth rotation and constellations.