10 days after the treatment, positive results were found in the retest

A novel coronavirus was isolated on the afternoon of February 19th, when the new coronavirus was isolated from the Wangjiang garden in Chengdu, Sichuan. On the tenth day after the isolation, the nucleic acid was rechecked and the relevant agencies had taken the family members and the patients. The information was verified by the Sichuan Health Committee. Today (February 21), the property of the community issued a notice to all owners, the full text of which is as follows:
Wangjiang garden novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control Bulletin
Dear owners
On the afternoon of February 19, the community informed that the new type of coronary patients who had been cured and isolated at home on the third floor of Building 5 (on the 10th day of isolation at home, the patients and their families did not go through the door, and the materials needed were sent to the door by the property) should go out to the designated hospital for re inspection according to the unified requirements (exit route: go downstairs from the fire-fighting building ladder, go out of the building through the unit hall, and then go out of the community gate through the general flat road; exit requirements: wear a mouth Cover, gloves). In the evening of the same day, we received the notice from the community again. The re examination result of the patient was nucleic acid positive. The medical institution should immediately take the patient and his family members away for further verification and isolation observation. At about 23:00 on the 19th and 1:00 in the morning on the 20th, the relevant organizations successively received the family members and patients (going out route: going downstairs from the fire stairs, going out of the building through the unit hall, and then going out of the community gate through the general flat road; going out requirements: patients wear masks, gloves, and family members wear masks). The center for property and disease control immediately killed the patient and his family members on the way from home to the gate of the community. The Property Center will continue to focus on killing the building, continue to follow up the situation of the patient, and timely report to all the owners.