Fine 500 for one time of being late

The special prize of this year’s 360 company’s annual meeting – a free “cut” coupon, which is regarded as a gold medal of “death free”, can offset a layoff. The coupon is valid from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and is only for personal use, and cannot be traded on the dark network.
After the news was released on the Internet media, it quickly triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Some netizens speculated that 360 might implement the layoff plan this year.
In response, 360 replied that 360 has no layoffs or plans. Zhou Hongyi’s article is humorous, in fact, to encourage innovation and make bold mistakes.
Coincidentally, at the beginning of the new year, personnel measures of another Internet company also attracted attention. According to the e-mail of “new rules on attendance” sent by Sohu to employees, the new rules require employees to arrive at work before 9:30. If they are late for work, they will be fined 500 yuan at a time, with a maximum penalty of 1000 yuan. This is also Sohu company since its inception about late the most serious punishment. According to Sohu’s internal staff, Sohu had previously imposed a single fine of 5 yuan for latecomers.
This triggered a lot of Internet users’ Tucao: “how much is overtime? Is it more than one second overtime?” “when a company starts to catch attendance, it’s the time to go downhill.” “Is it 500 yuan to work overtime for one minute?”
In response, Sohu said that the punishment for attendance has been greatly enhanced. Its core is to hope that employees can keep passion and ambition for their work, remain highly sensitive at all times, actively participate in discussions, and work more professionally, diligently and efficiently.